Agent 47 meets his handler for the first time

Hitman was initially supposed to release around this time but was delayed in order to give it an extra few months of polish so I'm quite interested to see how this beta test will fare.

The beta phase for the PS4 will begin on February 12th and a week later, on February 19th for the PC. Along with the announcement came a short trailer, embedded below.

Final Fantasy X & X-2 are rumored to be coming to PC

As with any rumor take everything you read here with a grain of salt. While I don't think the leak is fake (given that you can check yourself) it still doesn't mean that the games are coming, or if they are, coming any time soon. Halo 3 showed up in a similar leak a while back yet never appeared on PC.

With all of that said, a couple of people over at Neogaf complied a list of games they found by digging through Steam's help website.  Most interesting of which are Final Fantasy X & X-2 as well as the sequel to the immensely popular (how do I even own this?) and amazing Bad Rats!

Half Life 2 Episode 4 screenshot of a wet and murky sewer

Nope, that was not me making a typo, I am actually referring to Episode 4. What do you mean you haven't even played Episode 3? All joking aside, Episode 4 was to be done in collaboration with Arkane (most famous these days for Dishonored) and set time-wise near the end of Episode 2 with the main character (perhaps even Gordon?) returning to Ravenholm.

For various reasons this project never came to be but traces of it still keep surfacing every few years. The folks over at Valvetime have once again unearthed new screenshots of Episode 4 which you can check out either through their website or the video embedded below.

Main character in shadwen stealthily dragging a body beneath the logo

I love the direction games are taking these days. Even 5 years ago it would've been impossible to find stealth games, let alone good ones, and nowadays there are plenty to chose from with a lot more coming up. While the AAA might prefer remakes and retreads indie developers took it upon themselves to resurrect many niche genres, one of my favorite being the stealth games.

And that is exactly what Frozenbyte's recently announced Shadwen is. Not an action game that has stealth elements but rather one where you sneak because the enemies are far stronger and you will only be able to make it through with skill and wit rather than brutality.

Heist map and plan in Dr. Langeskov

If you thought the title of this article is a mouthful you've seen nothing yet. The official title for the game is: Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger And The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist, or more easily known by its popular acronym Dr.L,tTatTCE:aW.

All jokes aside Dr. Langeskov, as I'll call it from now, is a very short experimental heist game that seems to have been made in order to raise interested for the developer's, still unannounced, upcoming game. And after playing Dr. Langeskov they can consider my interest piqued.

The Psychonauts 2 team posing.

[Update]: Six years after its big reveal, Psychonauts 2 has now finally been unleashed onto PC and consoles!

Psychonauts was a truly strange game, fun and well written for sure but not the most polished. So I find it extremely puzzling how it got such a cult following the last few years, seemingly out of nowhere.

A following so huge that Psychonauts 2 raised $1,5 Million in a single day on its campaign, one of the fastest Millions I've seen raised in a crowdfunder. And given how hilarious the last parts of the trailer alone were I have high hopes for it now. Check it out.

Telltale's Batman series logo

The rate at which Telltale is acquiring these high profile licenses is frankly quite stunning. They went from being a small developer of point and click adventures to a giant with a whole lot of sway in the industry.

In an announcement today Telltale revealed that they are working on an episodic story-focused game based on the Batman license. While this sounds amazing I am starting to feel that Telltale is stretching themselves a bit too thin.

PC version has much improved graphics.

It was only recently that I talked about Shadow Complex and how the Xbox Live Arcade hit will be coming to PC sometime soon.

Turns out that "sometime soon" in this case means only a couple of days because Epic has surprised everyone and released Shadow Complex today and not just for the PC, but for the PS4 and Xbox One as well.

The new warframe, Ivara, showing off.

This one has been in the works for a long time now and to say it was highly anticipated among the community is putting it lightly. A friend of mine kept checking Warframe every few hours to see if the patch maybe got released slightly early.

And looking through the list of additions it is easy to see why any Warframe fan would consider this patch so important. It has everything, from a new Warframe and tile set to complete game mode overhauls and new weapons and functionality. I won't go over all of the changes but here's what I feel are the most important ones.

A graphical comparison between the PS3 and PC version of Dragon's Dogma.

Youtuber Candyland released a brief video (embedded below) showcasing the graphical differences between the Playstation 3 and PC version of Dragon's Dogma.

As you might imagine the difference in texture quality is massive, especially when it comes to foliage and background elements of the environment. Given how many news and videos have been coming out of the PC version of Dragon's Dogma it would appear that Capcom is very confident in their PC port. Great news indeed.