Call of Duty: Space Warfare might be a thing

If you're sick and tired of modern military shooters I might have some great news for you as the biggest one of them all, Call of Duty, is rumored to be transitioning to Space Warfare with the next iteration.

This information comes from Shinobi and Eurogamer, two sources that have almost always been correct with their insider information, so it seems highly likely that the next COD will be a space-faring one. Here's the brief announcement Shinobi posted:

Are we talking Battlefield 2142 style?

Very far future.

Space combat.

Full on sci-fi. 

Another point that goes in favor of this announcement is Call of Duty's constant advance in to the future, with heaps of ridiculous technology and weaponry that come with it. In other words, its not that far fetched to imagine that the next COD would abandon Earth altogether in favor of exploding things in space.

Nothing is currently known about the actual gameplay, but I do hope the COD team takes this chance in order to refresh the rather stale series with new mechanics, completely different weapons and an interesting take on multiplayer. At this point I think I'll settle for anything besides "yet another COD, but this time in space!".

Its expected for the next Call of Duty to launch sometime near the end of the year, most likely around Christmas season, so expect to hear the official announcement in the next few months.