Warcraft 3 is getting a new patch on March 15th

I'm not sure what exactly Blizzard is planning, but I like what they are doing regardless. First Diablo 2 received a patch that fixed many glitches and improved compatibility with modern systems, and now Warcraft 3 is getting a similar treatment.

This news comes from a short video Robert Brindenbecker, head of the classic games group at Blizzard, made in order to announce Blizzard's continued support of the Chinese Warcraft 3 scene. Have a look:

Croteam has released the source code for the Serious Sam Engine

In celebration of Serious Sam's 15th anniversary Croteam are releasing the source code for Serious Engine v1.10, an update version of the engine in which the first two Serious Sam games were made.

It is a very old engine by this point, so don't expect it to be as simple to use as Unity or Unreal Engine 4, but if you're in a tinkering mood then why not see what made some of the most classic PC FPS games tick. Here's the brief announcement message and download instructions:

Rise of the Tomb Raider now has DirectX 12 support

I've said this a couple of times already, but the team behind the PC version of Rise of the Tomb Raider is staffed with some seriously talented developers. Ever since its January release date they've managed to launch multiple patches, each of which brought impressive performance gains and graphical upgrades.

But the most important update, titled simply as 1.0.638.6, came out yesterday and brought with it DirectX 12 support, performance improvements across the board, and a couple of bug fixes to boot. Here are the patch notes and a short developer explanation of how exactly DirectX 12 helps out with performance:

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada system requirements and release date have been revealed

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is an upcoming RTS adaptation of Games Workshop's classic that features the forces of Chaos, Eldar, Orks and Imperium in devastating and rather extravagant space battles.

If that sounds like something you would like to try, now's your chance as the multiplayer beta has recently become available to those that have pre-ordered the game. Here are the system requirements and a short gameplay trailer so you can see it in action:

EverQuest Next has been canceled - Landmark release date announced

This month has undoubtedly spawned a few more cynics in to the world, and we aren't even half way through it yet. First Lionhead Studios and the upcoming Fable Legends got scrapped, and now EverQuest Next is, ironically, the next big and beloved franchise to slowly fade away.

This announcement comes to us from Russ Shanks, the president of Daybreak Games, who simply states that EverQuest Next was just not very fun. Here's the message, and a bit of information on Landmark:

Whispers of the Old Gods is Hearthstone's latest expansion

Even though the name itself was leaked a few weeks ago, its still good to have official confirmation that the most interesting elements of Warcraft lore, the Great Old Ones, are worming their way in to Hearthstone as well.

The upcoming expansion, titled Whispers of the Old Gods, is bringing with it 134 new cards, Standard & Wild divisions, nerfs to currently overpowered classic cards and much more. Here's the spoooooky trailer and a bit more info on WotOG (which might be one of the worst abbreviations around):

Rocket League is adding a Basketball mode

After not being interested in football for the better part of my life I finally realized that it wasn't the sport itself that I disliked, but rather the lack of rocket-powered cars flipping all over the field.

And now that Psyonix have announced a basketball mode for Rocket League, I have a feeling I've just found another sport well worth watching, and even more so playing.

XCOM 2 performance and balance patch is now live

XCOM 2, while a great game, launched with some truly bizarre bugs and performance problems, the worst of which was the presence of short, but infuriating, delays between actions.

Thankfully, it seems that the worst is behind us as today's XCOM 2 update brings with it many bug fixes, optimization changes and a brand new fast-paced Zip mode which drastically shortens animations and some delays in gameplay. Here's the full list of patch notes:

Dark Souls 3 will be 60 FPS on the PC

Rumors are like wildfire, all it takes is one spark amidst dry grass and suddenly you have an inferno on your hands. Such was the case with the recent Dark Souls 3 rumor that claimed the much anticipated Dark Souls finale would not support 60 FPS on PC, despite this being among the first details revealed a while ago.

Rather than allow panic to spread further, the Dark Souls Twitter team came out today and officially announced that the game will indeed support 60 FPS on PC. Here's the short message:

After a long delay Diablo 2 has finally received a new patch

Its been a couple of years since I've last played Diablo 2 (mostly due to Path of Exile hijacking my attention) , but I'm sure many will agree that its a game with very few issues to speak of.

But it seems that simply having very few issues isn't good enough for Blizzard as they have just announced the release of Update 1.14a for Diablo 2 which brings with it compatibility improvements and bug fixes. Here's the full list: