From the moment I first envisioned this website it was my goal to bring you articles that are honest, accurate and fair. As such I have written down my personal code of ethics - a set of rules that I plan to obey at all times in order to provide the best coverage I can:

1) All promotional deals will be fully disclosed and will have no limitation on my ability to speak my opinion freely and honestly.

2) A review will never be a piece of promotional content nor will I ever accept money, favors or anything else in return for a review.

3) I will never review a game that has bought an add on my website, though I will cover news related to it without giving it priority or any other preferential treatment.

4) I will never accept gifts or favors that might influence my opinion. For example: I will decline a tablet as a gift, but I wouldn't think twice about accepting character minis or other such small novelties one might be gifted at a convention.

5) I will strive to be as accurate and truthful as possible in my news reporting. If I ever make an error, I welcome anyone to bring it to my attention and I will swiftly correct it.

6) If I ever mention another story or use a citation in my articles, I will provide a link to the source material.

7) I will never create rumors, distort stories or lie in order to bait in more readers. If I cover a rumor it will always be noted as such until it is either confirmed or denied.

8) If I have a personal bias against or for a particular topic, I will make that bias known early on, but I will still strive to cover the topic in an accurate and fair way.

9) I will never join a political party or use my influence in a way where I directly or indirectly promote a political party. This is a gaming website, and I fully intend to keep it that way.

10) I will strive to keep adds on the website as mild and unobtrusive as possible. If you find an add that is particularly annoying (flashing graphics, sound, pop ups), bring it to my attention and I will do my best to fix it.