Sven co-op Half Life mod is coming to Steam for free after 17 years in development

I am of course talking about the famous Sven co-op, a Half Life mod with an impressive library of custom maps and modes to chose from. The last time I played, or even heard about it I was still a wee lad so imagine my surprise when it surfaced again with quite an announcement.

Sven co-op will be arriving on Steam in the near future as a completely free & standalone mod, you won't even need Half Life to run it even though it does include the entirety of HL1's campaign. Check out the trailer to see what sort of madness you can get in to:

Tales of Symphonia is coming to PC on February 2nd at most likely a $20 price tag

Once upon a time it was so rare to get even a single JRPG to appear on PC but nowadays they are coming out of the woodwork and I couldn't be happier about it.

Today's JRPG announcement is that Tales of Symphonia, an oldschool RPG classic, is coming to PC on February 2nd, mere two weeks from now. Here's the trailer that accompanied the announcement:

First unedited Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak gameplay footage

With the release date for Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak set for January 20 and no gameplay footage in sight many were starting to become rather skeptical of the game's quality.

And now that actual unedited gameplay footage has been released through IGN it makes me wonder why Gearbox didn't promote Homeworld: DOK sooner because it looks quite stellar. Take a look for yourself though crank the volume up a bit as its set far too low:

Guild Wars 2 developers talk about upcoming features for Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns was rather disappointing as far as MMO expansions go, not because the content on offer was bad but rather because a lot of it ended up in the mystical realm of "coming soon".

However, as you can see in the recent State of the Game blog post they seem to be trying to make amends and I do appreciate them keeping us in the loop as far as upcoming features are concerned. Here's what you can expect from Guild Wars 2 in Q1 2016:

The Final Station is the latest game being published by tinyBuild Games, a publisher known for a good selection of indie hits

TinyBuild Games first came to my attention with the absolutely insane "No Time to explain" and have since then proven themselves as a very competent developer and publisher by signing up some of the more unique indie games out there such as Punch Club or Speedrunners.

And now they've announced The Final Station - a post-apocalyptic survival game where you lead a train of refugees through the ruins of a shattered world trying to survive for as long as possible. Here's the trailer:

Diablo 3 Patch 2.4.0 brings with it a ton of features and addtions

The Grayhollow Island patch has been a long time coming now, first being teased a couple of months back and since then stuck in perpetual open beta testing.

However, it has now finally arrived for both consoles and PC bringing with it a massive new area in the form of Grayhollow Island, new zones, set dungeons, empowered rifts, action combat for the PC, balance changes and so much more.

Origin Access has arrived on PC bringing with it great discounts and even greater value for your money

If the name sounds familiar it is the same as EA Access that has been available to consoles for a long time now but has finally made its transition to PC as well.

Origin Access will set you back $5 a month and will offer you 15 free Vault games (for the duration of your subscription) as well as early access to upcoming games, free trials and a 10% discount on all Origin titles. The details are below but if you want it short, its a damn good bargain.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt patch 1.12 is now live and with plenty of fixes

The amount of patches and support CD Projekt gives their games is at point legendary, who else would be willing to continue updating and fixing a single player game so many months after release?

Today they've released a rather extensive patch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which brings with it fixes to various bugged quests (such as the damnable Skellige's Most Wanted), improved quest tracking and much more.

Keep one thing in mind though, big patches like this one are bound to wreak havoc on your mods so unless they have an updated version out I'd suggest waiting a little bit. The full patch notes are below:

Metal Gear Online enters open beta testing on PC tomorrow

Even though the delay was announced on launch its still strange that so long after release the PC is only now getting a beta for Metal Gear Online whereas the consoles had it for ages. The reason given for the delay is that Konami is still looking for an effective anti-cheat method and are currently strongly considering VAC.

As for the PC beta, during a short livestream the MGO team announced that Metal Gear Online will enter open beta starting at 10pm PST January 12 / 6am UTC January 13. 

That Dragon, Cancer tells the sad tale of a child diagnosed with cancer

That Dragon, Cancer is a game that takes you through the harrowing experience of being a parent whose child gets diagnosed with cancer, from the very beginning of the tale to the unfortunate end.

That Dragon, Cancer is set to release today, on Joel's birthday, as a digital memorial to him and his struggles as well as the struggles of everyone else affected. But rather than having this be an incredibly depressing moment Joel's parents, the developers, opted to instead make it a celebration of life and charity. Here's the release trailer: