The Witcher 3 artwork for Ciri in Skellige

If you're looking for an interesting game too cuddle up with over the cold winter months, you'll be pleased to hear that Steam's massive Autumn sale has now arrived! As is tradition, it brings with it an absurd amount of games on sale, as well as the ability to vote for The Steam Awards nominees. The actual voting for the best games of the year will happen during the Steam Winter Sale, but even so I'd say it's important to vote for your favorites and make sure that quality games and developers are celebrated.

As for the sale itself, allow me to give you a couple of suggestions spread out across a variety of genres. Here are some of the standout deals, in no particular order:

Concept artwork for the original Titanfall game

After years of Origin exclusivity on PC, EA has recently started moving the vast majority of their games onto Steam. This includes primarily singleplayer games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect, as well as more multiplayer focused ones like Apex Legends and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

With the whole process now nearing its conclusion, I'm very happy to say that the final piece of Respawn Entertainment's catalog has now finally transitioned to Steam! Naturally, I'm talking about the highly ambitious and fast-paced shooter Titanfall!

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands artwork for Bastion

The Shadowlands expansion was originally supposed to arrive on October 27th, but due to the closed beta being in a bit of a rough state, Blizzard opted to postpone it until late November. As it turns out, that was an incredibly wise decision given that World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has now been unleashed without any sort of major problems.

Naturally, some of the high population servers are having lengthy queue times, but the actual gameplay is looking perfectly smooth. Throughout the four to five hours I've spent so far I've only encountered a single notable bug, one that made my character unable to attack enemies because they were still stunned from a previous cutscene. A quick relog fixed that issue immediately and it never came back afterwards, so if you were holding off in order for the launch craziness to subside, I'd say Shadowlands is already looking stable enough to dive in!

Elite: Dangerous massive ship screenshot

If you're looking for something interesting to help pass the time before Cyberpunk 2077 comes along, you might be happy to hear that the space sim Elite: Dangerous is currently free to grab. Simply head on over to the Epic Games Store, snag yourself a copy, and you'll be good to go after a brief download.

As the title would suggest, the only catch is the time limit. The giveaway will only be around for another day, so if Elite: Dangerous looks like it might be up your alley, you should definitely go get yourself a copy sooner rather than later, just to play it safe.

Hearthstone's Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Cthun artwork

Unlike the previous few expansions that just added more of the same, Hearthstone's Madness at the Darkmoon Faire has decided to really shake things up. Besides the usual batch of new cards and mechanics, Madness at the Darkmoon Faire has brought in the brand new Duels game mode that is a remarkably fun cross between Dungeon Run and Constructed Play, as well as massively overhauled progression and achievement systems.

As for the cards themselves, the most exciting addition is the new Corrupt keyword. Corrupt essentially supercharges the card in question whenever you play a card with a higher mana cost, which as you might imagine, makes for some rather interesting decision-making throughout the match as you constantly have to weight current and future benefits. What exactly these Corrupt cards even do, however, that you can check out through the card list.

The Twisted & The Twilight official artwork and logo

After being teased time and time again, Total War: Warhammer 2's Wood Elf focused DLC has now finally been revealed. The Twisted & The Twilight will bring with it two new Legendary Lords, Throt the Unclean for Skaven and Naestra & Arahan for Wood Elves, a bunch of new units and heroes to toy around with, unique mechanics for each faction, and an absolute ton of changes to the Wood Elves as a whole.

The latter part will be arriving alongside a free update, most of which will be focused around getting the Wood Elf campaign onto the level of the other Total War: Warhammer 2 races. As such, you can expect to see a variety of new settlements for the Wood Elves to occupy, a significantly less restrictive Amber mechanic, a more involved tech tree, plenty of quality of life changes and improvements, and most importantly of all, the ability to teleport around through the use of World Roots!

Apex Legends artwork for Horizon in space

Despite Apex Legends' Season 7 update being one of the biggest the game has ever seen, all of the positive changes and additions were quickly overshadowed by the Battle Pass and just how much it sucked. And I'm not exaggerating there either, because not only did the initial version of the Battle Pass require nearly three times the effort to complete daily challenges, but the challenges themselves were far more tedious than before.

After seeing the nearly endless waves of complaints, Respawn thankfully decided to fix everything up and make the Battle Pass more like the previous ones. As such, they quickly reverted the daily challenges to their Season 6 equivalent while keeping the star rewards the same, which on its own was already a massive boon.

Overwatch artwork for the new Marammat Symmetra skin

Only a few days have gone by since the Experimental Mode closed down, and already Blizzard has brought in the awesome set of quality of life improvements. Ana's biotic grenade will now pass through full-health allies, Hanzo's storm arrows can be manually canceled, while Mei and Symmetra can destroy their wall and teleporter even while dead. The only omission is the Pharah change that allowed her to use her fuel to propel herself downwards, though that will most likely still arrive once Blizzard sorts out all of the bugs.

What might come as a bit of a surprise is that instead of continuing the recent Tracer comic, Blizzard has released a short story about two rather unlikely characters - Symmetra and Zenyatta! So if you're like me and you were waiting for years to get a little bit more lore about the Omnic monk, you might want to head on over to the Blizzard website and give the new story a look.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night artwork for the Bloodless character

Even though Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night released a while ago, I'm happy to say it's still getting major updates. This most recent one has transformed Bloodless, the umbrella-wielding vampire boss from the main campaign, into a fully playable (and free) character!

Instead of powering up by collecting abilities and weapons from fallen enemies, Bloodless can unlock new skills and improve her attributes by seeking out crystal globes scattered throughout the world. So even though Bloodless won't follow the usual gameplay formula, there will still be plenty of reasons to explore every single nook and cranny!

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War official artwork without logo

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and as is tradition, a brand new Call of Duty game has arrived. The freshly released Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War serves as a direct sequel to 2010's Black Ops, and offers an assortment of multiplayer modes (both new and old), more customization than ever before, and most importantly of all, a brand new outlet for all your zombie-slaying needs!

What might come as the biggest surprise, especially if you've been away from the series for a while, is that Cold War's singleplayer campaign has received a lot of critical praise so far. Not only is it quite immersive and well paced almost all the way through, but it also features a bunch of branching choices with seemingly serious consequences. A good chunk of effort has gone into the campaign, and I'm pleased to say that it really does show.