Total War: Three Kingdom screenshot of the campaign map from up close

Total War: Three Kingdoms is set to arrive in Spring of 2019, bringing with it a bit of a compromise between the outlandish Total War: Warhammer and the much more grounded Rome 2 and Thrones of Britannia. The details are still few and far between, but you can expect to see legendary heroes, a much greater focus on diplomacy and politics, a variety of unique factions vying for the throne, and naturally, a highly colorful campaign map.

While the recently posted trailer won't exactly offer you much in terms of details, it will give you a pretty good idea of just how lovely the campaign map is going to be, as well as what Sun Jian is all about. Have a gander:

Quake Champions screenshot of a close-ranged duel

If you're annoyed you've managed to miss the most recent free trial for Quake Champions, fret not as it has now gone fully free-to-play. As expected, you'll need to farm in-game currency to unlock all of the various characters, but thankfully none of the maps or game modes will be sealed away from you.

You can get a bit of a peek at what Quake Champions looks like in action through one of the most recent trailers down below. It's a fairly short video, but to be perfectly honest, you don't need much to get a pretty darn good idea of what Quake Champions is really all about. Have a gander:

Heroes of the Storm Necromancer fighting against Malthael

While the current version of Diablo 3 is a great deal of fun, the numerous technical errors and design decisions that have plagued it throughout the first few months have unfortunately prevented it from becoming something truly special. And so, while Path of Exile continues to push the boundaries of what an ARPG can accomplish, Diablo 3 has mostly been left in maintenance mode.

There is a chance this will change in the future, however, as Blizzard has just recently revealed that there are currently multiple Diablo projects in the works. What exactly these projects are, and whether any of them are actually Diablo 4, they have not clarified. What I can tell you is that we'll be getting more information about some of these projects later this year, most likely at Blizzcon.

Doom Eternal screenshot of a duel against a giant demon

Given how awesome the modern Doom was, I highly doubt many people were truly surprised when Bethesda announced a fully fledged sequel during this year's E3. While the news itself was certainly exciting, they sadly didn't share any sort of gameplay footage or even a teaser for some of the new weapons or enemies.

Thankfully, this little 'problem' has now been resolved as Bethesda and id Software have just recently released a rather lengthy gameplay preview. So if you're interested in an even more badass version of the Doomguy, I'd highly recommend you check out the video right below:

Rainbow Six Siege official artwork for Echo Operator

If you're wondering whether Rainbow Six Siege could ever possibly live up to the hype behind it, you might be interested to hear that there is a free trial period coming in the near future. To be more specific, you'll be able to play around with all of the Operators, maps and game modes from August 16-20.

Rainbow Six Siege might not be my cup of tea, but it's still a pretty darn enjoyable game, and one that Ubisoft has done an excellent job of supporting throughout the years. So if you're up for a heavily team-based shooter and you don't mind the somewhat steep learning curve, I would highly recommend you give it a chance. After all, it's entirely free for a few days!

Overwatch Summer Games 2018 screenshot of Waveracer D.Va from up close

If you're looking for an excuse to stay at home and crank up the AC, you might be interested to hear that the Overwatch Summer Games 2018 event has now arrived. It brings with it Lucioball and a brand new stadium set in Busan, all of the previous summer cosmetics at highly discounted prices, a bunch of new and quite fancy sports-themed skins, and perhaps most importantly of all, a rather large balance update.

For those of you interested in the cosmetic side of this event, allow me to share the recently posted teaser trailer. It's not exactly a long video, but it'll still give you a pretty darn good idea of the sort of skins and highlight intros you'll be able to get throughout this event. Have a look:

Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season screenshot of Clementine fighting a zombie

The first episode of Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season is set to arrive this August 14th. It'll bring with it the final chapter of Clementine's story, a new camera and control scheme, a greatly improved art style, as well as a much larger focus on your choices and their consequences.

If you're wondering how exactly all of this manifests itself in-game, you'll be glad to hear that The Final Season now has a free demo available. It'll give you a pretty good idea of what to expect, and since it doesn't take long to beat I would highly recommend you give it a look by hopping over to Steam or your preferred console's marketplace.