Battle For Azeroth screenshot of a Vulpera facing off against a Mechagnome

Battle for Azeroth's Patch 8.3 (also known as Visions of N'Zoth) will be going live on January 14 or 15 depending on when your server maintenance happens. As you might expect from a major update, it'll bring with it an assortment of new content and storylines to explore, both solo and in a group.

There will be a brand new raid to rampage across, Vulpera and Mechagnomes as two new Allied Races, Horrific Visions as a challenging and highly replayable mini-dungeon that can be entered solo or in a party, a revamped auction house, a new legendary cloak to forge, and the list goes on for a while. Rather than continue to fill your head with a list of features, allow me to share with you the recently posted "survival guide" that briefly highlights each one and showcases just what the patch as a whole has to offer. Have a gander:

Total War: Warhammer 2 screenshot of the Lizardmen fighting against Dark Elves and a dragon

Total War: Warhammer 2's The Shadow and The Blade DLC has arrived a little while ago, bringing with it a good chunk of new content to play around with, as well as some long-awaited quality of life changes and improvements. Sadly, it also brought with it a couple of really annoying issues.

First and foremost, AI-controlled Vampire Counts, Vampire Coast and Lizardmen factions are completely unable to field more than one army. As such, the overall balance on the campaign map is currently extremely out of whack as minor factions are dominating large stretches of land, while the already powerful factions like the Dwarfs or Empire are nearly unstoppable as there is simply nobody to challenge them.

Monster Hunter: World's Iceborne expansion screenshot of an ice dragon

Much like the original Monster Hunter: World, the PC version of the Iceborne expansion was delayed a couple of months in order to give the developers enough time to polish things up. However, now that Monster Hunter World - Iceborne has finally released onto PC, it would appear that it's also facing a similar set of problems as its predecessor.

Most notably, the performance is all over the place with certain PCs having nearly unplayable framerate drops and others having a completely smooth experience. Similarly, there are reports of the Iceborne expansion deleting save files or refusing to launch entirely, but once again it's not something that affects everyone in the same way. So much like the original Monster Hunter: World, it seems a couple of patches will be necessary before things really get on track.

Overwatch screenshot of casual Hanzo

While Overwatch's switch to Role Queue with enforced 2/2/2 compositions was a great idea, it unfortunately brought with it quite a few balance problems. Blizzard tried to address this with the somewhat recent rebalance of shield health, but since that patch didn't target all of the problematic heroes, the resulting meta ended up being rather similar to the one before.

Thankfully, the newly released beta update is already looking like it will shake things up quite significantly! Baptiste and his immortality field are getting a much-deserved nerf, while the ever-present DPS heroes like Hanzo and Mei are being toned down so the rest of the cast has a chance to actually compete.

You can find the full list of changes over at the Overwatch website, but for now allow me to share with you the most interesting part - the hero balance changes:

Overwatch screenshot of Hanzo getting hit by a snowball

With Christmas behind us and most people still recovering from their food comas, it is the perfect time to snuggle up in a cozy blanket and play some video games with your loved ones. However, if your preferred method of spreading the holiday cheer is with copious amounts of explosives, you might be interested to hear that Blizzard has now continued their tradition of giving every Overwatch player five new cosmetic loot boxes to unwrap.

Claiming them is about as simple as it gets. Just log into Overwatch and they'll be automatically added to your account. You don't even need to open them right away as they will remain exactly where they are until you're ready, even once the Winter Wonderland event has faded away.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice main character using his hook

The end of 2019 is nearly upon us, and much like the past few years, Valve has now released the list of the best selling and most played PC games across a variety of categories. You can find the full breakdown over at Steam, but for now I'd like to focus on the two main categories: the top sellers and the most popular games.

When it comes to the best sellers, things are pretty similar to last year with games like Dota 2, Warframe, PUBG, GTA V and Rainbow Six Siege occupying a prominent spot. However, the one trend I am somewhat surprised by is the continued success of highly challenging games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Monster Hunter: World.

American Truck Simulator screenshot of a lovely Idaho mansion

If you've explored every nook and cranny American Truck Simulator has to offer and you're still itching for more, then you'll be glad to hear a brand new DLC is on the way. As the title would suggest, the new DLC will have you roam across Idaho, a state most famous for its mountainous landscapes and large stretches of both farmland and wilderness.

"The state covers two time zones, runs from Canada to Nevada, and encompasses the western side of the continental divide of the Rocky Mountains," continues the brief DLC announcement. "Rivers, mountains and farmland dominate the state’s landscape. The panhandle has emerald green hillsides, timbered mountains and pristine lakes. Central Idaho is covered with jagged peaks. The Snake River Plain, with its wide open vistas, irrigated farm lands and vibrant cities forms the character of Southern Idaho."

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution official artwork and logo

Despite the downright unwieldy name, Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution is actually a pretty simple concept. It's all about re-living the most iconic duels from the animated series, toying around with an absurd amount of cards (around 9,000 with more to come), and once the campaign is done, battling against more challenging AI opponents or players online.

Right now Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution is only available on the Nintendo Switch, but according to Konami's recent announcement, it'll be making its way to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at some point in the near future as well. As for the exact release date, I'm afraid nothing has been revealed just yet.

World War Z official screenshot showing a zombie wave attacking

While the World War Z title might not inspire a lot of confidence given that it sounds like a tie-in for a movie that just released way too late, in reality it's actually a pretty good Left 4 Dead style shooter. With that in mind, I'm glad to say that things are now getting even better as the developers have just added a fairly comprehensive Horde mode.

Instead of the usual affair that involves camping a corner and blasting apart enemies until you get overrun, World War Z's Horde mode is a bit more proactive. The map is littered with loot to scavenge, defenses and upgrades to purchase, and most importantly of all, bonus tasks that ask of you to roam around during some of the heaviest zombie waves. So while it will still likely get old after a while, it's at least an interesting take on the Horde mode formula and a nice little side-attraction to complement the main game mode.

Official artwork and logo for Frostpunk's The Last Autumn expansion

The world of Frostpunk is an ice-covered nightmare where the last remnants of humanity are struggling against all odds to not only survive in the wasteland, but to also to figure out a permanent solution before the endless winter devours all. It's certainly a bleak future, but it does make for a rather compelling story!

Speaking of which, if you've ever wondered what events led to the grim situation in Frostpunk, you might be interested to hear that the newly revealed The Last Autumn expansion will be just about that! Here's the brief teaser trailer: