Helldivers 2 official artwork and logo

Despite being a huge fan of the original, I must admit I was somewhat worried about Helldivers 2 during the lead up to its release. For the longest time the only bits of gameplay we were allowed to see were short, highly edited snippets - usually a telltale sign that a game that just can't hold your attention on its own merits.

However, I'm pleased to say that my worries were completely unfounded! Playing Helldivers 2 for the past couple of days has been a blast, even with the server issues making co-op occasionally annoying. I especially have to commend the audio-visual design as using explosive weaponry in Helldivers 2 is absurdly satisfying, and doubly so when you get some of the bigger toys to play around with. The sound effects, the fireball and dust the explosion causes, the enemies ragdolling into the sunset - it's basically perfect!

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League official artwork and logo

After a seemingly messy development and plenty of delays, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has now finally been unleashed. And you know what? Despite the endless red flags and blaring warning signs, it's thankfully not a disaster!

It's not particularly great either, don't get me wrong, but it's got a decent bit of charm to it. I especially have to commend the combat as it feels exciting and has a good flow regardless of what character or build I tried messing around with. Things do start to get repetitive after a while, which is a bit of a problem for a looter shooter, but since the core gameplay is fun that can eventually be fixed.

Horizon Forbidden West official artwork and logo

It took quite a while, but Horizon Forbidden West - Complete Edition will finally be making its way to PC on March 21st. As you would expect from something called the 'Complete Edition', the PC version will come bundled with the Burning Shores DLC, digital artbook, soundtrack and comic, as well as a couple of cosmetics to unlock over the course of the campaign.

As for the PC port in specific, Horizon Forbidden West will feature an unlocked frame rate, ultrawide and support for triple monitor setups, support for various upscaling technologies, and naturally, a plethora of settings to mess around with in order to (hopefully) find just the right balance between fidelity and performance. What all of this looks like in action, that you can check out through the recently posted trailer below. Have a gander:

MTG Arena Murders at Karlov Manor artwork for a story moment

Instead of having Draft Boosters and Set Boosters, Magic: The Gathering will soon be consolidating both into brand new Play Boosters. These Play Boosters will contain 14 cards, will be fully draftable, and will have a chance to contain some fancy cards from days gone by, including some with unique new artwork.

For MTG Arena in specific, these Play Boosters will be present in Limited formats, while the current 'normal' boosters will continue to be given out as rewards and will remain available for purchase through the in-game store. So if you don't play Limited or care about the older formats like Historic, Timeless or Explorer, chances are you might not even notice anything has changed.

Vermintide 2 Versus mode screenshot of Kruber in focus

Back in 2019, Fatshark announced that they're working on a PvP-focused Versus mode for Vermintide 2. Unfortunately, the new game mode ran into some sort of trouble during development as Fatshark quickly stopped talking about it, and eventually seemed to have given up on the idea entirely.

As such, you can imagine my surprise when I decided to fire up Vermintide 2 and was struck with the announcement that Versus is now back! More specifically, it's currently in alpha testing so it'll likely be a while before it's officially out, but the important thing is that it's now once again in active development!

Overwatch 2 screenshot of Mauga firing his machine guns

Once it arrives this February, Overwatch 2's Season 9 will bring with it some drastic changes in order to shake up the rather messy current metagame. The end goal, as you might imagine, is to shift the gameplay from 'heal spam vs damage spam' to more varied and interesting playstyles where all sorts of heroes can shine.

In order to achieve this, Season 9 will be adding a modified, tuned-down version of the Support self-healing passive to both Damage and Tank heroes. This should, in theory, reduce the pressure on Support players as everyone will be able to manage their own health while out of combat. More importantly, it will also give dive heroes a bit of a boost as they'll now be able to constantly harass the enemy without having to glue themselves to a health pack or rely on heroes like Ana to keep them alive.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight screenshot of oldschool Dragonriding

In order to help tide everyone over until The War Within expansion launches later this year, Blizzard has now released Dragonflight's Update 10.2.5 - Seeds of Renewal. While the patch doesn't bring with it a ton of new content to mess around with, there are quite a few quality-of-life improvements present, as well as some fan-favorite ideas that took quite a few years to finally materialize.

First and foremost, Dragonriding is now available worldwide, which means that travel across the older zones has just been sped up significantly! It's also worth mentioning that the old style of flying has not been removed, so you can just pick whatever option suits you.

MTG Arena artwork for the Soul of Windgrace card

While it got mostly overshadowed by the Murder at Karlov Manor reveals, MTG Arena's most recent update has brought with it a nifty batch of balance changes. The goal behind the whole update, as you might expect, was to give a bit of a boost to some of the underpowered or underused mechanics.

In this case, that would be Dominaria United's Domain and The Brothers' War's Powerstones - two mechanics that did see some competitive play at first, but just didn't have the raw power needed to contend with the constant influx of new cards. As such, a whole bunch of them have just received a variety of buffs, mostly related to their cost and power, as have a couple of cards that interact with the two mechanics.

Red Dead Redemption 2 screenshot from the PC version

After tallying up all of the votes cast during the most recent winter sale, Valve has now unveiled all of the 2023 Steam Award winners. Much like last year some of the games are truly worthy of their newfound crown, others are a curious yet reasonable choice, while a select few are completely undeserving of the throne and seem to have only gotten there thanks to a collective bout of insanity.

Before I say anything else, allow me to share with you the brief list of categories and their winners:

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy official key art and logo

Released back in 2021, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is a heavily story focused action-adventure that's perfectly happy to do its own thing rather than tie itself to any of the movies. Because of this it has managed to avoid many of the issues these types of games tend to run into, and so the end result is actually quite a fun and captivating experience!

With that in mind, you might be pleased to hear that Guardians of the Galaxy is currently entirely free to grab over at the Epic Games Store. As always, there is a bit of a time limit to the giveaway, so do make sure to grab yourself a copy before the whole thing ends on January 11th.