Greetings and welcome to Gamesear,

This whole website was born out of my desire to combine everything I enjoy in to one single package, while also not doing any 'actual work' in the process. I've finished university with a master's degree in computer science, so the idea of building a website and its systems from scratch was quite exciting, especially since I knew very little about it all - a fact that didn't stop me from bumbling my way towards some sort of a success. Add to that my love for writing and gaming and I don't see how this could've turned out any other way... disregarding the couple of obvious examples one can think up instantly, but let's not ruin the moment, shall we?

So what exactly is Gamesear? It is a hub for PC gaming news, reviews, opinions, critique, and various other nonsense that comes out of my virtual mouth, all done in what I would like to think is a fair and honest manner. Seeing how many sites out there make a living simply through baiting in viewers with either plain lies or misleading titles, I vowed I would try my hardest to bring you coverage that is accurate, true and hopefully attractive to you because of its quality, rather than its title alone.

With this in mind I've written down my own Personal Code of Ethics, a set of rules that make me look more professional than I really am, while also hopefully ensuring I never turn towards the dark side... despite my love for cookies.

Some of you might ask why only PC games? And the answer is simple, I've spent my entire life alongside them, whereas I've only ever owned one console. I also really enjoy the PC ecosystem where the tiniest of indie games can compete with the biggest of AAA games. There is always something new and unexpected waiting for you, if you are willing to look deep enough. Unfortunately, sometimes the truly interesting games are buried to deep for anyone to notice, which is why I aim to regularly cover unique and intriguing indie games to hopefully correct that issue.

If you are a developer looking to get some coverage for your game, please contact me here. The same goes for advertising inquiries, and bug reports. I will try to answer every single email, but depending on my workload it might take a little while, so please be patient.

For those of you interested in some legal mumbo-jumbo, however, here's the privacy policy.

As a final note, make sure to visit me on Youtube and Twitter for even more barely-coherent rambling PC gaming content and videos. And if you have any questions that might not fit the above mentioned categories, feel free to ask them here:

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