Dawn of War 3 has been officially announced with a cinematic trailer

Relic released a small teaser yesterday that pointed towards something potentially amazing, the glorious return of the Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War franchise.

As you can probably guess from the title, the big reveal did not disappoint as not only did we learn that Dawn of War 3 is coming, but the announcement was handled in the best way possible, via a cinematic trailer featuring Wraithknights and Titans Imperial Knights duking it out! Have a look, its well worth the few minutes:


The only piece of information we know for certain right now is that Dawn of War 3 will feature Orks, Eldar, and naturally Space Marines, with some heavy hinting going towards either the forces of Chaos, or the Nekrons. There will be base building, giant orbital lasers, units that are bigger than ever, and most importantly, overpowered heroes you can then further upgrade.

While all of this is pure speculation, I have a feeling that the Nekrons will be either the fourth playable faction, or the overall 'big bad guy' for the campaign. The reason I say this is because Dawn of War 2's Last Stand game mode recently added a Nekron commander, an odd coincidence when you consider that Last Stand hasn't received an update in over a year at that point. The second, and more obvious reason is all of the fascination with the death of all organic races, as you can see in the big pile-up of Orks, Marines and Eldar at the very end.

Whatever the case, consider my excited-o-meter to be at an all time high right now because Dawn of War 2 is a game I still play to this very day, despite it releasing ages ago, so to see a sequel slowly appear on the horizon is an incredible feeling.

Dawn of War 3 artwork found on the official box