From the moment I made Gamesear it was my wish to cover the whole range of PC gaming, from the AAA giants to the smallest of indies. However, I am but one man, and despite how amazing I might be there is still a limit to the amount of games I can go over in any given week. Don't let this discourage you, however, as talking about games is what I do, and I will gladly sacrifice my free time in order to try out something new and interesting!

So if you have something exciting you would like me to showcase to the world, please go over these simple guidelines and then send me a message via the contact address at the bottom of the article:

1) This is a PC gaming website. While I will on occasion cover a particularly interesting bit of news from the console world, I don't consider it the main focus of the website. So if you've got a console game you want me to talk about, I'm afraid we're both out of luck. But, once you port it over to PC (you are of course porting it to PC, right?), I would be more than happy to give it a look.

2) A video is worth a thousand words. If I am to do an article about your game I need to have something substantial to talk about. Ideally you should send a gameplay-focused video along with a brief overview of your game and what makes it special. The easier this is to digest, the greater the chance your game will stand out from the crowd and get covered.

3) As I mentioned above, my time is limited so don't take it personally if I don't end up covering your game. There are thousands coming out every single week and I can only chose a few that I personally find the most interesting. The same goes if I end up having a negative opinion about certain aspects of your game. I know it's hard to separate yourself from your work (this whole project of mine was an exercise in that), but if I point out something negative don't take it as an insult, but rather as an opportunity to fix the issue and make your game even better. If this happens I will gladly give your game a second look and showcase its improvements.

4) If you would like to add me to your mailing/press list, please use the address at the bottom.

5) Finally, please don't message me about Kickstarters or other such crowdfunding projects. Far too often these games end up in flames and I don't want to get any of my readers monetarily invested into something that simply might never be. In the rare cases I do end up covering Kickstarters it will be exclusively from long-term studios that have a track record of delivering their games on time.

That's it! These five simple guidelines should help make the communication between us all nice and smooth. The contact address is right below and I look forward to hearing from you!

I will try to answer what emails I can, though given the sheer volume of messages I'm receiving each week I simply don't have the time to answer every single one. Rest assured, however, that I do read all of them. That said, if you feel like I might have missed your message feel free to send another one, though please refrain from spamming as that's not a very good way to win me over.

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