Warcraft Movie will come with in-game cosmetics for World of Warcraft

Ever since Blizzard posted a tweet that contained four Warcraft Movie themed items the prevailing rumor was that they would be used as in-game incentives to get people out of the game and into the theaters.

As it turns out, the rumor was completely correct as those that purchased their tickets from the French website Kinepolis received a message that simply stated they would recieve 4 transmogrification (cosmetic) items inspired by the film, as well as a code that grants access to all World of Warcraft content up to Warlords of Draenor, all with a month of free subscription thrown in for good measure.

Here's the fully translated message, courtesy of kenanthepro:

"Kinepolis informs us that completing a transaction on their site, and until May 24 , you will receive a unique code that will get you 4 transmogrifications inspired by the film. In addition to that, the code will also grant World of Warcraft and all extensions up to Warlords of Draenor, all with a month of free subscription."

Do keep in mind, however, that this has only been confirmed for a specific French cinema as of right now, though its reasonable to expect such an offer to extend to other countries in the near future as well. Given the quality of the cosmetics on display here, it would be a damn shame to do anything else.

As for the Warcraft Movie itself, it will be arriving on June 10, and while the trailers might not feature spectacular CGI I feel its still well worth seeing, especially when you consider it took nearly a decade for it to finally reach a tangible release.

World of Warcraft horde cosmetic items themed after Warcraft Movie