Risk of Rain 2 official artwork and logo

Risk of Rain 2, much like its precedessor, is a multiplayer-focused roguelike that will have you face off against increasingly more difficult monsters with a variety of passive boosts, abilities and items. However, unlike the original, Risk of Rain 2 is entirely in 3D, which makes navigating the large levels and dodging the hordes of enemies a significantly more interesting and tricky process.

If you're wondering how all of this translates into actual gameplay, allow me to share with you the recently posted trailer. Have a gander, it'll give you a good idea of what Risk of Rain 2 is really all about:

Outward official artwork and logo

If you're a fan of RPGs that don't treat your character like they're the only competent individual in the entire world, you might want to check out the newly released Outward. In the most basic terms, it's a survival-focused RPG that will have you brave harsh environments, as well as fight off bandits and monsters as you roam across the land, all the while ensuring you don't starve or get sick along the way. Oh, and if you ever end up feeling like you need someone to help you carry your giant piles of loot, there is also a co-op mode!

You can get a bit of a sneak peek at what all of this looks like in-game through the recently posted launch trailer. Have a gander, it's a fairly short one:

Tacoma official artwork without the logo

Tacoma is a sci-fi, narrative-focused adventure from the creators of Gone Home. The story takes place in the year 2088 on a high-tech space station, where you will need to use a variety of tools in order to figure out who the crew were, how they lived, and what exactly happened to them when disaster struck. Finding the answers, as you might expect, will take you on quite a journey!

If that sounds like something you could be interested in, then you should head on over to the Humble website as Tacoma is currently entirely free to grab. However, it will only be available until March 24th or until Humble runs out of keys, so do make sure to snatch yourself a copy as soon as possible.

Northgard game official artwork and logo

Northgard is a viking themed strategy game from the makers of Evoland, and as you might imagine from that description alone, it's all about creating a thriving settlement in an extremely hostile environment. If that sounds like something you might enjoy, then you might also be interested to hear that Northgard has now added a bunch of new content as a part of the Relics update.

Each clan can now construct one out of a variety of relics in order to gain some passive or active effects, though doing so will be fairly expensive as some of the relic abilities are quite powerful, especially the ones that can send monstrous creatures after your opponents. The way tools work has also been made more strategic, there is now a brand new multiplayer season to mess around with, and naturally, some balance changes to bring all of the clans closer together in terms of power.

Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods expansion official artwork showing a swordsman

Over a year has gone by since the original reveal, and I am glad to say that Crate Entertainment has now finally announced the release date for Grim Dawn's second expansion. So if you're as eager as I am to see what Crate has cooked up for the Forgotten Gods, you should go and put a pin on March 27th.

As far as features are concerned, the Forgotten Gods brings with it a brand new story chapter to explore, new environments to roam around in, four new factions to potentially ally yourself with, as well as a new class mastery - the Oathkeeper. There will also be a brand new game mode that will have you face off against increasingly more challenging encounters, all in an effort to earn unique rewards and mountains upon mountains of loot.

Slime Rancher screenshot of a pen full of pink slime

The Epic Games Store released a little while ago, and in order to entice people to come over and check it out, Epic announced that they would be giving away a free game every two weeks throughout the entirety of 2019. The current offer, as you might guess from the title alone, is the rather adorable and quite quirky 'farm simulator' Slime Rancher.

I haven't played Slime Rancher myself, so I can't offer you much in terms of advice, but from what I've seen it has generally positive reviews across the board. So if you're a fan of the genre, or just looking for something to relax with, Slime Rancher does appear to be worth a closer look. After all, it is entirely free!

Warhammer:Chaosbane screenshot of a temple to Sigmar

Warhammer: Chaosbane is a Diablo inspired hack & slash filled with hordes of demons to slay, mountains of loot to acquire, as well as a variety of heroes and abilities to mess around with. If this sounds like it's right up your alley, you might be interested to hear that Warhammer: Chaosbane is currently having a Closed Beta for those that have pre-ordered. That said, there is no restriction on gameplay footage, so even if you're not planning on pre-purchasing, you should still be able to get a pretty good idea of what Warhammer: Chaosbane is really like.

On the other hand, if you are interested in playing the Closed Beta, it is worth mentioning that it only contains a somewhat limited amount of content. Right now that means around ten quests and only two out of the four playable characters - the Empire Soldier and High Elf Mage. For me that took around three to four hours to fully complete, which is probably a good thing as the Closed Beta will be closing down its doors at 9am GMT on March 13th.