Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew official key art for the pirate and magic themed stealth strategy game

After getting a taste for the supernatural with Desperados 3, it seems like Mimimi Games have decided to go all in on the craziness with their next project. A good thing too, because the freshly announced Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew looks like a really fun mixture of pirates, magic, stealth and strategy!

Much like the previous games, Shadow Gambit will task you with infiltrating heavily guarded fortresses, sneaking behind enemy lines in order to place traps or create diversions, and picking off unsuspecting guards in order to give you more wiggle room. Once all of your characters are in position, you can then use your mystical skills and supernaturally enhanced abilities to surgically take out your opponents before they even realize something is amiss.

Dead Cells Return to Castlevania crossover expansion key art

After multiple updates that have added items and cosmetics from games like Terraria, Slay the Spire and Risk of Rain, it's safe to say that Dead Cells is no stranger to crossovers. However, with the upcoming Return to Castlevania expansion, the Dead Cells team is looking to take things to a whole new level!

Once it arrives in the next few months, the Return to Castlevania expansion will bring with it Dracula's majestic castle represented through two new biomes, along with a whole assortment of new monsters lifted straight from the classic games. You can also expect to see fourteen new weapons themed after Castlevania classics like the throwing axe and holy water, three boss fights against fan-favorite characters like Death and Dracula, and even a brand new storyline that will have you accompany Richter Belmont and Alucard on their quest to slay Dracula!

Project Zomboid official artwork for the indie zombie simulator

Project Zomboid updates are few and far between, but when they do finally arrive they tend to bring with them an absurd amount of new mechanics and items to mess around with. The upcoming Update 42 is no different in this regard as the Project Zomboid team is aiming to pack it to the brim with all sorts of fan-favorite features.

Before I give you a quick rundown of what exactly these features are, it's important to mention that everything is currently still a work in progress. As such, while all of these ideas and mechanics are being worked on and will arrive at some point in the future, there is no guarantee they'll be done by the time Update 42 is ready to launch. With that said, here's what the Project Zomboid team is trying to cram into Update 42:

Rain World: Downpour expansion artwork showing off the five new slugcats

I hope you're in the mood for slugcats, because Rain World's very first expansion Downpour has now arrived - a whole six years after the original game's launch! Downpour brings with it ten massive new regions to explore, hostile new environments and weather to overcome, as well as five new slugcats with their own unique abilities and gameplay styles to master.

Best of all, you can do all of this in four-player co-op! The only catch is that there is no online mode, so you'll either have to huddle up together or use Steam Remote Play in order to make it work. A tad annoying, but I'd say it's still a small price to pay for some jolly cooperation!

Deep Rock Galactic screenshot of the decorated space rig for Lunar Festival 2023

I hope you're in the mood for yet another holiday event, because Deep Rock Galactic's Lunar Festival 2023 has now arrived. Much like its predecessor, the Lunar Festival brings with it a couple of silly, themed hats to acquire, a highly lucrative assignment, and most importantly of all, double seasonal experience!

That last part does have a bit of a catch, however. In order to activate the double experience bonus you'll first need to find a Lunar Rabbit hiding away somewhere in each level. They're thankfully not too hard to snag, so as long as you're even slightly observant you should be good.

Season: A letter to the future indie story-focused exploration game key artwork

Aiming for a more somber tone than the usual exploration and story focused adventure, Season: A letter to the future stars a young woman determined to document, photograph, and record the lives of everyday people before some kind of cataclysm washes them all away. Quite the contrast to the otherwise charming and cheery visuals!

What exactly is happening with the world, and more importantly why, is going to be up to your to discover by roaming across the land and talking to the various characters. There's only a couple of them around on account of the whole cataclysm thing, but the good news is that each one is unique and emotionally complex, so unraveling their life's story should be quite a ride.

Deep Rock Galactic screenshot of the Dwarves fighting Glyphids

[Update]: Deep Rock Galactic's Lunar Festival 2023 has now arrived with silly hats and double seasonal exp.

Due to popular demand, the Ghost Ship Games team has now once again released a brief infographic covering some of Deep Rock Galactic's most interesting (or simply peculiar) stats from 2022. Just as a little example, it looks like your fellow Dwarves are far more dangerous to your own health than even the mighty Glyphid Dreadnought! The whole thing sounded a bit absurd to me, though when I remembered how many Scouts I've accidentally blown up with C4, I must admit I'm genuinely surprised the gap isn't even wider!

It's also worth mentioning that Deep Rock Galactic has had a massive period of growth in 2022. Not only have the daily active users seen a sharp increase, but the number of copies sold has nearly doubled compared to last year! As such, there are now over 5,5 million Dwarves getting drunk and operating heavy mining equipment all over Hoxxes IV!

First Cut: Samurai Duel indie 2D sword-fighting game screenshot of a close battle in the fields

True to its name, First Cut: Samurai Duel is a 2D sword-fighting game where landing even a single blow on your opponent will instantly kill them, and the same goes in reverse! While the concept is simple, getting actually good at it is going to be quite a journey as you'll have master a wide assortment of moves that each come with their own drawbacks - everything from different attack types to defensive options like parries, pushes, dodges and blocks.

If all of this sounds oddly familiar, that would be because First Cut: Samurai Duel is a new and improved version of 2017's First Cut. Besides the various gameplay enhancements, the biggest difference is that First Cut: Samurai Duel will feature a campaign, survival mode, as well as numerous unlockables like laser swords to help spice things up and increase replayability.

Luck be a Landlord roguelike deckbuilder screenshot of the slot machine gameplay

If you're in the mood for a bit of an unusual roguelike, you might want to give the freshly released Luck be a Landlord a try. To put it quite simply, it's a deckbuilding roguelike that will task you with using an overly elaborate slot machine to earn rent money. And no, there are no microtransactions - the slot machine is mostly there to help mix things up a bit.

Since trying to explain all of this through words alone is a bit of a fruitless effort, allow me to share with you the release trailer. It should give you a decent idea of just what Luck be a Landlord is even trying to do. Have a look:

There Is No Light indie grim action-RPG artwork

As I've detailed throughout my review, the biggest problem with the indie action-RPG There Is No Light is the extremely slow progression in player power. Depending on your choices and the routes you take, it's entirely possible you can go through a 10 hour chunk of gameplay without acquiring anything new to play around with, which can be quite demoralizing given how challenging some of the boss fights are.

So in order to fix this, as well as a whole bunch of other issues, the Zelart team has now unleashed the Enhanced Edition. This chunky update has rebalanced most of the enemies, improved surface readability so you don't accidentally fling yourself into the abyss in the middle of combat, fixed up a whole bunch of minor bugs, and most importantly of all, added 14 new abilities to acquire by defeating bosses!