Overwatch animated short Recall is rather good

Blizzard's team that handles cinematics has produced some of the finest scenes in gaming history, so you bet I was intrigued when I saw that they just released an 8 minute long animated short. While it does have a few issues, they certainly did not disappoint.

The video follows the simian scientist Winston as he wrestles with the decision to recall the agents of Overwatch back in to active duty, a course of action that is highly illegal, yet potentially necessary. Here's the video, enjoy!

I doubt this even needs repeating anymore, but the character design in Overwatch never fails to impress. I have to give special mention to Reaper, who despite being the villain in this short managed to look like an absolute badass... well, until he got his face zapped back into another dimension.

The only complaint I really have with the short is that it assumes we, as the viewers, are somewhat daft and in need of a constant reminder about events that occurred mere 10 seconds ago. Still, that's a minor complaint, and far from the planet-sized bulldozer one would need to crush my enthusiasm for Overwatch at this point.

Speaking of which, if you would like to try out Overwatch you will be given a chance in the near future as the open beta starts on May 5th and runs till May 9th, with two extra days given to those that preorder.