Steam Review Policy has been updated

As those of you that take the time and effort to write Steam reviews most likely realized, its incredibly hard for new reviews to push their way to the top, or even show up in the list of most helpful reviews, thus making the whole thing almost pointless for long-lasting games that have underwent numerous changes since the first reviews were posted.

Thankfully, with Valve's recent update the Steam review system is now in a much better shape as it displays both an overall rating, as well as a 30 day average, and newly posted reviews no longer get buried in the landslide of old ones.

The biggest of these changes is most definitely the 'Recent Review Score' as it ensures that games with a rocky start won't end up being permanently marked down for issues that no longer exist, though the same applies in reverse with some rather worrying consequences. What I mean is that this new system is extremely easy to brigade by a comparatively small number of disgruntled people, who angered by some sort of patch or balance change might just decide to negatively review the game and influence a 'Negative' rating despite them being in the minority of overall reviews.

While I would love to offer a way to correct this, I'm afraid there simply isn't one, so as always I will recommend not relying purely on review scores as they can often give you a skewed message, especially when we're talking about a system that aggregate a massive number of them.

The final, and rather welcome addition is that you now have an easy way to disclose if you have received a review copy of the game. It doesn't mean much, and it still relies on the honesty of the review, but its a most welcome change nonetheless.