My overview of the changes and features coming with today's Overwatch patch

After an unusually long wait the Overwatch beta has finally returned, bringing with it a lot of exiting new additions and an even bigger amount of disappointment as many people have once again realized that there is no key awaiting in their inbox.

The new features I'm talking about are updates to the player progression system, a new co-op vs AI mode, a new game mode called Control, two new maps and a bunch of mutators/custom gameplay options for private games. Here's the developer update video along with my brief overview of the changes:

Hitman's recommended system configuration and preorder bonuses have been released

With the Hitman beta for those that preordered fast approaching Square Enix has finally decided to share some more information on their episodic assassin.

The most interesting of which, at least for the PC platform, are the recommended system requirements and preorder bonuses. You can find them below, along with a brand new trailer showcasing the story and stealth gameplay:

Amazon's Lumberyard game engine is in beta now

A couple of years ago Amazon gathered up a bunch of talented game and engine developers and simply went dark with their final announcement saying that exciting things will be coming in the future.

It would appear that the future is now as Amazon has released a beta version of their free & open-source game engine titled Lumberyard. Its based on CryEngine so expect to see some beautiful games coming out of the woodwork's. Here's the announcement video and a few more details:

According to a recent leak Steam might start accepting Bitcoin soon

Even though Bitcoin might be outside of the public eye its popularity and applications have been steadily growing for many years now. So to see Valve potentially getting behind it is not a surprising occurrence.

This rumor comes from a Reddit user named Haoose who found out that Steam's Translation Server contains many strings of text related to Bitcoin purchases. Here's a few particularly interesting ones:

Dark Souls 3's cinematic intro cutscene has been released today

Dark Souls is genuinely my favorite game ever made, embodying almost every element I love seeing: deep and subtle storytelling, challenging but fair combat, tons of diversity and replay value as well as a well-connected world ripe for exploration.

So I hope you can understand how excited I am that the intro cinematic for Dark Souls 3 has been recently released. But enough of me rambling for now, here's the video and don't worry, there are no spoilers:

The upcoming tactical RPG Unsung Story has been put on hold

When Unsung Story first appeared on Kickstarter way back in 2014 it got many people very excited because Yasumi Matsuno, the director behind the excellent Final Fantasy Tactics, was finally given a chance to create the sequel/spin-off he always wanted but never could.

Unfortunately it would appear that Unsung Story might remain unsung as Kickstarter backers have recently received an ominous email telling them that the game is being put on hold, possibly forever. Here's the full message:

Titanfall 2 will have a story campaign and even a TV series

Titanfall is an excellent showcase of today's gaming market. When it first launched it arrived alongside massive praise and plenty of hype yet all of that completely dissipated within a single month. There are simply far too many games battling for a player's attention for them to spend a long time playing a multiplayer-only game that came out with small amounts of content.

The Titanfall team is seemingly well aware of this because in an interview with Forbes the lead writer behind Titanfall 2, Jesse Stern, confirmed that the team is focusing on both the multiplayer and the campaign which is supposed to be an introduction in to a much larger universe alongside the upcoming TV spin-off.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 myClub has arrived on Steam

I've never been much of a fan of soccer, or football as its known in Europe, but I am well aware I'm in a very small minority compared to the amount of people who simply adore it.

The reason I mentioned that is because I have managed to completely miss the Steam release of the much anticipated Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 myClub, a free to play spin-off of the popular PES series. Here's the official trailer though fair warning, the constantly cutting-off music might drive you insane:

Pillars of Eternity is getting a game of the year edition

With the second Pillars of Eternity "expansion" White March: Part 2 concluding this chapter of the story it only makes sense to bundle it all together in to one package.

What does surprise me however is that according to an product listing that Gamebanshee discovered the Pillars of Eternity: GOTY is set to arrive only a couple of days after White March: Part 2, on February 19th.

Firewatch is coming this February 9th, 4 new trailers released

Firewatch is a visually gorgeous narrative-driven adventure game where you play the role of a park ranger who along with his chatty companion needs to ensure that the entire forest doesn't get consumed in a blazing inferno. A seemingly easy task and one that's perfect for a man who has a book to write but things don't always work out as planned.

To remind everyone of its upcoming February 9 release the developers, Campo Santo, have released not one, not even two but four fancy new trailers showcasing what exactly Firewatch is about. Here they are: