Blizzcon 2015 has finally arrived and with it a lot of juicy news and trailers. World of Warcraft players, and Warcraft fans in general, are in luck because Blizzard has started off their convention with something special.

The much teased Warcraft movie trailer is here and the release date is set for June 10, 2016.

And, it looks good but it does falls apart in a couple of places. A lot of work and effort went in to making the Orcs fit in naturally alongside the Humans but its not quite there yet as a few scenes just had them look off. This is the problem when you try and use mostly CGI to create a realistic world, the moment a character or the environment look fake the immersion is shattered and the viewer pulled out of the movie.

But I'm not going to complain much, the CGI was on point during the most of it and ideally the couple of scenes that had issues will be fixed for the final release.

Oh and if you were wondering why Lothar (the Human lead) seems so familiar but you couldn't place a name on him, he's Travis Fimmel of "Vikings" fame. And if he's as good in Warcraft as he was in Vikings the Alliance side of the movie is going to be very solid.

I do genuinely hope this ends up being good because I'm probably going to go out and watch it no matter what. I grew up alongside Warcraft, and with years of being strung around with rumors of a fabled Warcraft movie being in production, I am more than ready to finally sit down and watch it, CGI Orcs or not.

As the release date is set for June 10, 2016 we still have a bit of wait to endure.