Its been a good week for fans of virtual country living as the Harvest Moon inspired World's Dawn released only a couple of days ago and now perhaps the most anticipated "farming simulator" Stardew Valley is making its way to Steam as well.

Stardrew Valley has been in steady development for a couple of years now by a single person and very soon we'll finally be able to experience the fruits of his labor once Stardew Valley releases on Steam this February 26th. Here's the trailer:


In Stardew Valley you take control over your grandfather's old plot of land and through hard work attempt to transform it in to something beautiful. Along the way you will meet plenty of unique villagers with their own stories and daily routines, thread through mysterious caverns filled with all kinds of beasties or simply kick back on the beach and relax with a spot of fishing.

Those familiar with the Harvest Moon series will instantly recognize the gameplay present here though there are some major differences. The biggest one is the fact that Stardew Valley actually has stats and professions allowing you to heavily specialize your character which could potentially lead to some rather unique playthroughs as a farming focused character might not see the world (or be seen by the world) in the same way a combat/exploration orientated one.

Combat itself is another big point of difference. You will do the majority of your fighting in Stardew Valley by exploring mysterious caves and ruins present underneath the sleepy old town you live in. Down there you will find plenty of rare crafting material as well as mysteries that need uncovering, such as the cryptic tablet showcased in the video above.

If you're looking for the full list of features, and its a pretty long list indeed, head over to Stardew Valley's Steam page.

While I have never tried it myself I've seen plenty of gameplay footage over the years as the game developed and I can tell you right now that Stardew Valley is most likely going to be a great spiritual successor to Harvest Moon.