Chaos Warriors will be free for the first week of Total War: Warhammer

After the unmitigated disaster that was Rome 2's launch I am delighted to see Creative Assembly turn over a new leaf, first by announcing Bretonia as an extra multiplayer faction, and now by backing down on Chaos as a pre-order piece only DLC.

According to the most recent Chaos vs Dwarves gameplay video the Chaos faction will be available to anyone who purchases Total War: Warhammer within the first week of release. This is amazing news not just because we get free DLC, but also because it means that Creative Assembly is so confident with Total War: Warhammer that they're willing to do this, and that fills me with a lot of hope! 

With that said, here's a gameplay video showcasing a bunch of Dwarves getting punted.


While the video certainly makes the forces of Chaos look like an unstoppable wave of destruction, it does a rather poor job of making the Dwarves look like anything other than a joke, an offense that I'm sure is being written down in the great book of grudges as we speak.

Compared to the previous Chaos-focused gameplay video, there's really not much to talk about this one, it was a straight up slaughter. It did showcase a couple of the Dwarven mechanics and abilities, such as the overabundance of explosions, and while they certainly made a dent in the health pools of the Chaos infantry, the big guys mostly spent the duration of the video playing Dwarven golf, a game that's only funny if you're not being used as the ball.

Total War: Warhammer will be arriving to Windows on May 24, with Linux and Mac versions coming at a future date.