Total War: Warhammer has added Bretonnia as a free multiplayer faction

Bretonnia has been in Total War: Warhammer since the very first gameplay videos surfaced, but it was alluded to be nothing more than a recolor of the Empire, and mostly there to add flavor to your campaign playthrough.

Things have changed, however, and the fans of flamboyant medieval knights among you will be immensely happy to hear that Bretonnia will be joining the roster of playable multiplayer factions for Total War: Warhammer. To celebrate such an announcement the developers have released a rather long show-match between the Chalice knights of Bretonnia, and the undead hordes of Sylvania. Have a look:


For those of you that don't have the time to watch a long video, Bretonnia is best characterized as your "generic" medieval faction that revolves around heavily armored knights charging straight at the enemy, thousands of archers darkening the skies along with powerful artillery, and most importantly, plenty of buffing spells to further enhance the deadliness of the armored charge. Also, much like the standard armies of old they sport a whole bunch of Pegasuses (Pegassi?) with which they even further annoy the enemy.

While it still doesn't make the fact that Chaos, the most famous Warhammer faction, is section off as pre-order DLC an acceptable thing, its nice to see Creative Assembly offer a couple of free factions to somewhat ease the tension. The first one is obviously Bretonnia, but the second one that will arrive post-launch is currently being kept a secret, though I'd imagine its going to be some sort of Elven faction as they have been strangely missing from all of the conflicts.

Total War: Warhammer will be arriving on May 24 for Windows, with Mac and Linux versions coming at a future date.