Rocket League is adding Hoops - a basketball themed mode

After significantly improving football and hockey, Psyonix is now attempting to make basketball a lot more exciting by adding rocket-powered ninja cards to the whole ordeal.

The free Rocket League Hoops DLC is coming on April 26, and in order to celebrate the addition of a new game mode the team has made Rocket League free to play throughout the weekend.

The free weekend has already started, despite it quite clearly not being the weekend, though I doubt anyone will complain, and will last all the way till 10 am on April 25. If you ever wanted to see what's with all of the hype surrounding Rocket League, now would be the best time to do so as the massive influx of newbies should produce some fair, and rather hilarious games. Most importantly, Rocket League is 40% off for the duration of this event which brings the price down to €12/$12.

As for the free Hoops DLC, perhaps its best if I leave the trailer to speak for itself:


While the actual game mode is completely free, you will have the option of purchasing 30 NBA team flags for $2 USD, which is a surprisingly generous offer if you're into that sort of a thing. To top it all off, every player who simply loads up Rocket League from April 26 and onward will be granted a free NBA flag to proudly dangle from their car as some sort of grizzly war trophy.

More information on the Hoops game mode will be coming throughout the week, so if you're interested in staying in the loop (or rather hoop!) head over to the Rocket League Steam Community page.