Darkest Dungeon is now available on Linux

Darkest Dungeon is the best example of quickly one can turn from respecting those that serve him to simply throwing them unarmed, unequipped, and torch-less into the mouth of hell itself in order to scrounge a few extra gold coins before finally dismissing the entire crew, only to start again with another bunch of gullible fools.

In other words, its a rather awesome game, and after the most recent update Darkest Dungeon is now also available on Linux. Besides simply announcing the Linux port, Red Hook Studios also revealed a bit of information on the upcoming Town Events update, as well as the current progress on new modding tools. Here's a short summary:

Town Events are designed with the idea of adding a bit of variety and liveliness to the Hamlet itself, either through a completely random event, or due to something you've done. For example, if you bring back a whole bunch of holy relics to the Hamlet, the villagers might just start a massive celebration which could result in reduced prices, free treatment and relaxation in the abbey or clinic, and so forth.

Naturally, there will be negative events as well, most likely influenced by either poor performance, abandoning missions, losing your characters, or perhaps even returning to the Hamlet with four gibbering madmen, all of whom are inflicted with paranoia. All of the stuff relating to the negative effects is purely speculation on my part, but once the Town Events update finally launches in mid-late May we'll be able to see how accurate I was.

Darkest Dungeon's Hamlet is a eerie place

It sure is... homely...

As far as modding is concerned, Red Hook is currently working on a whole bunch of new features that are all centered around strengthening the long-term community for Darkest Dungeon. Unfortunately, none of these new toys are available for play just yet, but if you have any requests for tools, documentations, or whatever else, make sure to contact the developers and explain why and how it would help the modding scene.

Finally, those of you excited to grab Darkest Dungeon on either the PS4 or Vita will have to wait a few more months as the release window has been moved back to late July or August. Rest assured, however, that it is actually coming, and that its most likely going to be good given how many times it was delayed.