GOG's bundleopolis sale is now available

I hope you aren't particularly attached to your wallet as the latest 'Bundleopolis' sale from GOG seems to be one of the better ones they've done in recent months, with plenty of games spanning numerous genres to chose from, and most importantly, generous discounts to go along with it.

The theme this time around is bundles, and as you might imagine it involves purchasing themed packs such as the 'Fallout Bunker' which gives access to all three of the oldschool Fallout games, 'The X Junction' which carries with it four games from the classic X series, and so forth.

Besides going with pre-built bundles you are also able to craft your own by choosing from a pool of games, with the currently available selection consisting mostly of pants-wittingly terrifying horror games such as Amnesia and Outlast, all of which are on a massive discount when bought together.

New bundles will be added every six hours, and since it doesn't look like any of the old ones will disappear you will have plenty of time to see if anything tickles your fancy before all of this closes down on May 1.