GTA Online is getting a bunch of new updates in the near future

I'll be the first one to say that GTA Online has been a massive disappointment as the dev team seems to have mistaken the word "grind" with "fun", but over time and through numerous updates it has finally become something that at least resembles what I wanted to see out of a multiplayer GTA V experience.

Things are set to become even better in the near future as Rockstar has just announced their plans for a couple of "massive, feature-rich" content updates, along with numerous weekly events that will be raining down bonus RP and GTA$ onto the cash-starved masses. Here's a brief overview of what to expect:

The first one of these updates will be a successor to the Executives and Other Criminals update, and will allow you to delve deep in to the lucrative, and extremely dangerous world of contraband trafficking. You will be able to buy and sell anything from jewelry to medical supplies, manage your stock of ill-gotten gains directly from your HQ, and as you might expect given that this is GTA V after all, engage in some unexpected missions when your sales either get raided, or something goes terribly, terribly wrong.

Fans of crazy stunts and ridiculous custom maps will be delighted to hear that the second of these updates will deal exclusively with racing, stunt driving, and other such madness that occurs on wheels. Expect to see a whole array of new vehicles, gear, and most importantly, a vast set of new props for use in the GTA Creator. While Rockstar hasn't stated what exactly these props would be, they did release this image that should give you an idea of what direction they're heading in:

An example of the new stunt props available in GTA Online

And just for good measure, let's give everyone rockets right at the start of the whole thing

Finally, Rockstar also mentioned that there would be numerous weekly events coming alongside the updates, things such as the Versus Missions Week, Contact Missions Week, and so forth. Besides simply having fun with with these new events you will also have a chance to buy weapons, vehicles and properties at a vastly reduced price, as well as potentially earn massive amounts of bonus RP and GTA$.

As of right now there is no release date set for any of these updates, but you should expect to see them arrive over the coming weeks and months.