Binding Of Isaac Afterbirth console artwork

After already gathering a whole bunch of community ideas and concepts for new items, Edmund McMillen is back once more, this time around with challenges on the table.

As you might expect, he's looking for setups that are new, actually challenging, and most importantly, completely out of this world in terms of design. Afterbirth+ will most likely feature around 5 challenges, and if the community manages to pull through and come up with some unique concepts, there could be 1-3 of them present in the final release.

You can suggest your own, or simply vote for your favorites by heading over to this Reddit thread.

My personal favorite is MahBucket's jump-rope challenge that makes it so your character spawns with the How to Jump item, and every few dozen seconds a brimstone laser goes across the room and vaporizes any player that forgot... how to jump. Its unique, its completely out of this world, and it will lead to some hilarious Youtube highlights down the line, what's not to love?

McMillen also briefly spoke about The Legend of Bumbo, his upcoming puzzle/RPG type of a game, so if you're up interested in reading more about Bumbo's escapades I'd recommend you head over to the official blog

The Legend of Bumbo early screenshot from the in-development version