Final Fantasy IX is now available on Steam

What is it with Square Enix and sneaky releases of their Final Fantasy ports? The Steam page for Final Fantasy IX has simply said "releases in early 2016" for a couple of months now, so imagine my surprise when I logged on to Steam today and saw that Final Fantasy IX has released in the dead of night with barely a peep from Square Enix.

You would think that the port is so bad they're ashamed of it, but no, according to the majority of Steam reviews the PC version of FFIX has managed to be not just a faithful recreation of the classic RPG, but also an upgrade in terms of gameplay features. Bizarre marketing strategies aside, here's the trailer and what bonus features the PC version of FFIX brings to the table:


Steam Achievements

7 game boosters including high speed and no encounter modes.


High-definition movies and character models. 

If you're allowed to turn the boosters on and off at will, this genuinely might be one of the most fun Final Fantasy games to play through, simply because you can "skip" all of the boring parts, and continue on with the story, bosses, and other such challenging encounters. Or if you feel like that's cheating, you can simply not use any of the boosters and play through the vanilla experience with better graphics, everyone wins!

You can grab Final Fantasy IX on Steam for $16,79/€16,79 (which includes the currently available 20% discount).