The Binding Of Isaac Afterbirth+ will feature 10 community designed items

I am a big fan of Edmund McMillen and his messed up roguelike, so much so that Rebirth was the very first review I've ever done, so when the opportunity comes to actually participate in an item's design process, you bet I'm excited for it!

As announced in a recent blog post, the upcoming Afterbirth+ expansion will come with at least 10 community designed items, with an emphasis on "really out of the box shit" with unique and fun mechanics. Here's how it works:

 You are only allowed to post one item per comment!

 Focus your attention on what the item does, not what it looks like!

 Try and keep your item unique, dont just say brimstone but purple and homing!

Once you have the "best item evar" all you need to do is to submit it on the dedicated reddit thread, and please, don't downvote the competition or you might end up Krampus' naughty list.

The contest aside, console users among you will be happy to hear that the console version of Afterbirth has finally been complete and submitted, and now only awaits approval before launch. The release date will be revealed as soon as it goes through certification.

Finally, Edmund also revealed a tiny teaser screenshot for The Legend of Bum-Bo Puzzle/RPG as well as this... rather unique message:

"a few seem confused by the RPG aspect of the game that i mentioned in my last update, i kinda consider isaac to be an RPG so a better description would probably be “randomly generated turn based puzzle strategy”. “poop based punching sim” also works…"

The Legend of Bum-Bo early screenshot