The Witcher 3's Blood and Wine expansion is delightfully colorful

Its been known for a while now that The Witcher 3 would be the finale of Geralt's journey, but it seems that the end is going to come sooner than many have expected as the Blood and Wine expansion/DLC is set to be the last piece of content for The Witcher 3 before the team switches over to Cyberpunk.

This information comes from a recent interview Eurogamer had with The Witcher 3's Game Director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz in which they discussed Blood and Wine, The Witcher 3 in general, and what CDPR is working on right now. If you're interested in learning more I fully recommend you give the short interview a read, but for now here's what Tomaszkiwicz had to say about The Witcher 3's finale:

"Is this the last expansion?" I asked Tomaszkiewicz when I went to see Blood and Wine recently. "Yes," he answered.

"Will there be any more game content released for The Witcher 3 at all?" I followed up. "No," he said, "this is the last thing we deliver and we focus on Cyberpunk."

There will, however, continue to be patches released for The Witcher 3. "The first thing is that we try to fix as many bugs as we can for the second expansion and the main game," he said, "and we will release a patch before we release the expansion and maybe one later."

As for the Blood and Wine expansion itself, CDPR released today a brand new teaser trailer that showcases how delightfully colorful the world of The Witcher 3 really is. Have a look, though set your expectations accordingly since its only a 30 second video:


Blood and Wine will be coming on May 31, and if you're interested in what exactly it will feature, head over to the Steam Store page.