Leaked Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay shows jetpacks

Despite being posted on April 1st it appears that the leaked Mass Effect: Andromeda video is the real deal, although the footage comes from an old 2014 build.

The leak itself comes from an artist's website where he used examples of his work on Mass Effect: Andromeda as a part of his portfolio, so its less about showcasing gameplay, and more about showing some of the fancy new effects that are being added. Here's the video, initially found by Taker34:


Unfortunately, or fortunately if you're the poor artist who's going to get in trouble for posting this up far too early, there isn't much to this gameplay leak. What it does show is a deadly new pollen the Krogan use to easily dispatch their enemies, and the fact that jetpacks are just as awesome as you might imagine.

Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay leak showcases jetpack


Since I highly doubt either Bioware or EA will react on this leak, you're most likely going to have to wait until E3 this June 14-16 to get your next Mass Effect: Andromeda fix.