Mass Effect Andromeda's Mako in action

The last time we've gotten even a tiny glimpse at Mass Effect: Andromeda was during an early-alpha footage leak in April, so to see Bioware come out and officially state their goals for Andromeda is both a refreshing, and most welcome change.

Besides the 'standard' features such as deep character interactions, choice-driven storytelling, and fun third person combat, Mass Effect: Andromeda will also focus heavily on exploration and open-world design. Here's how Bioware explained it:

More Freedom: One of our biggest ambitions is to give players an unprecedented level of freedom for a Mass Effect experience –where you’ll go, how you’ll get there, and how you’ll play.

• New Uncharted Worlds: We’re leaving the Milky Way behind and headed to Andromeda, where we’ll meet new allies, confront new enemies, and explore fascinating new worlds.

• The Next Great Mass Effect Experience: Mass Effect: Andromeda will be the first Mass Effect game for today’s consoles and the first built on the Frostbite engine. We’re pushing the technology to deliver visuals, story, and gameplay that have never been done in franchise history.

As for the release date, it has been pushed back from its expected 2016 target into early 2017, a decision that was made in order to ensure that Mass Effect: Andromeda delivers on all of its lofty promises, and hopefully comes with an actual ending this time around.

While there is no gameplay footage to show right now, you won't have to wait very long to get your Mass Effect fix as Bioware will be showcasing Andromeda during this year's EA PLAY press conference on June 12.