Remedy has outlined their plans to fix Quantum Break on PC

Despite Remedy having a long and storied history with PC gaming, the PC port of Quantum Break has been, to put it lightly, a massive disappointment in terms of graphical quality and stability.

Remedy is working on these issues, however, as noted in the recent blog post which went over the majority of problems the PC crowd has encountered with Quantum Break, and what is currently being done about them. Here's a short overview of what you can expect to see fixed in the near future:

If you are encountering crashing or performance related issues make sure to update your drivers to the following versions:

- for AMD Radeon GPU’s, AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.4.1

- for NVIDIA GPU’s, 362.00 from NVIDIA.

The frame rate cap will be abolished in May when Microsoft's big UWP update lands, and grants developers the ability to disable v-sync and add support for G-sync, and freesync monitors.

 The ability to disable the annoying film grain will come as a part of a future update for the PC version of Quantum Break. The consoles will unfortunately not get such an option.

• The resolution up-scaling is not being considered an issue, and will most likely not be fixed. In other words, even though you can technically play Quantum Break in 1080p on PC, you are actually playing an up-scaled 720p version which would be the reason why so many players have experience blurry textures, and overall poor visual quality on large monitors. One of the forum members provided an excellent comparison image showing how badly the up-scaling can mangle character faces:

Quantum Break's 720p up-scaling is making character faces rather blurry

• Ambient subtitles, ie. subtitles for radio broadcasts, or background chatter will not be available as the team doesn't want these subtitles to overlap with the normal dialogue.

• Blinking lights will be fixed in the next update along with the permanent light flare that sometimes appears if you play the game for too long.

Cloud saving problems will be fixed with the next update. Until then make sure to use different accounts on your Xbox One and Windows 10 version of Quantum Break, or you might just find yourself without a save file.

There you have it, Remedy's answers to some of the biggest problems in Quantum Break. 

I'll fully admit I'm nowhere near happy with the current state of the PC version of Quantum Break, especially given how well Remedy has treated their PC fans in the past, so here's to hoping things improve in the near future.