Iron Snout is a fun button-mashing fighting game

The past two days have been rather strange for me as far as indie games are concerned. First I came upon a Dark Souls inspired ARPG starring a mouse in shining armor fighting off hordes of spiders and today its a martial arts pigs fending off hordes of wolves using hog-fu.

Despite the ridiculous premise Iron Snout, the game in question, turned out to be a really fun and challenging fast paced button-mashy fighting game. Here's the trailer so you can see for yourself what its all about:

DarkMaus is a Dark Souls inspired ARPG

Given how often I mention it there's no hiding the fact that I am a gigantic fan of Dark Souls and the Souls series in general. The combination of brutal difficulty, immersive world-building, well balanced combat and plenty of ways to approach any single problem turned out to be exactly what I ever wanted from a game.

With Dark Souls 3 still a tiny spec on the horizon I'm constantly looking for similar games to sate my endless hunger for Souls-y gameplay. And much to my surprise, given that I do try to keep an eye out for upcoming indie games, I would've completely missed DarkMaus - a Dark Souls inspired ARPG starring a tiny badass mouse in armor - if not for PCgamer, so thanks for that one guys.

Here's the trailer and a short description of what DarkMaus is all about:

Harvest Moon inspired Stardew Valley is coming to Steam on February 27th

Its been a good week for fans of virtual country living as the Harvest Moon inspired World's Dawn released only a couple of days ago and now perhaps the most anticipated "farming simulator" Stardew Valley is making its way to Steam as well.

Stardrew Valley has been in steady development for a couple of years now by a single person and very soon we'll finally be able to experience the fruits of his labor once Stardew Valley releases on Steam this February 26th. Here's the trailer: