Seven is an upcoming isometric thief-inspired RPG

I am a big fan of stealth games, which by law means I am a massive fan of the Thief series, but I'm also an equally feverish fan of the Witcher games, so when someone tells me that several of the Witcher 3 developers are trying their hand at a Thief-inspired RPG, you bet my ears are all perked up!

The isometric RPG in question is simply titled as Seven, and once complete will allow you to freely explore a sandbox world through a combination of sneaking, stabbing, climbing, and naturally, plenty of decision making. If you're interested in what all of that looks in action, here's a recently released gameplay/story teaser:

Goetia is a visually stunning point & click puzzler

Goetia is a dark, Victorian point & click adventure where you're placed in to the spectral form of Lady Abigail Blackwood, a young member of the once proud family that inhabited the majestic Blackwood Manor, now nothing more than an abandoned ruin.

It released a couple of days ago, and given how stunning the artwork and overall presentation are, I figured I would bring Goetia to your attention, starting with the trailer:

Dean Hall's Out of Ammo is a VR strategy game

After practically reinventing the entire zombie survival genre, Dean Hall decided to leave Bohemia and start his own studio indie studio RocketWerkz with the intention of developing interesting concepts without any of the constraints that come from using an ancient engine.

The reason I'm mentioning this now is because the studio's very first game, a blocky VR strategy/action hybrid called Out of Ammo, is now available on Steam Early Access, exclusively for the HTC Vive. Here's the trailer, and if you value your sanity you will completely avoid reading the Youtube comments:

Return Of The Obra Dinn is a stylish first person adventure

Papers, Please was a visually and emotionally unsettling experience that managed to convey in far too vivid detail how even nice people could succumb to corruption and apathy when faced with a threat to their family's livelihood. Best of all, such a powerful game was designed, written, and created by a single man!

And now the creator is back again, this time around with a narrative driven mystery styled after the old first person adventure games from the 80s. Return of the Obra Dinn is currently not finished, but Lucas Pope has released a short gameplay demo showcasing what exactly its all about, and if you have 20 minutes to spare, I'd give it a look.

SpeedRunners is releasing on April 19

I'm incredibly happy we live in an era where indie games made by small teams can achieve massive success, as noted by Vermintide and its 500,000 copies sold, Firewatch and its 500,000 copies sold in its first month, and now SpeedRunners with a whopping 1 million copies sold on Steam alone.

In order to celebrate such a momentous achievement, and the upcoming April 19 launch, the developers DoubleDutch Games have listed out all of the new features coming with the release version of SpeedRunners:

FORCED Showdown is an action RPG roguelike with twin-stick elements

FORCED Showdown is primarily a single player "twin-stick" action RPG that has you traverse various colorful arenas littered with deadly traps, challenging enemies, and bosses that need to keep their TV ratings high by smashing you in to a pulp.

Its being made, unsurprisingly, by the same team behind FORCED, a co-op action RPG that employed many similar elements and mechanics to great effect, albeit with a healthy dosing of bugs to go along with it. Since FORCED Showdown is releasing on Steam later today I figured I would bring it to your attention, starting with the overly cheesy trailer:

Samorost 3 is a beautiful puzzle-adventure

I found myself turned off from puzzle-adventures ever since Myst wracked my brain with puzzles designed to be as obtuse and confusing as possible, usually because they ran on moon-logic understood only to the Kobolds of Ghorblak 5.

However, after playing Samorost 3 for a couple of hours I could feel that childlike wonder and glee return to me in full force as I explored strange new worlds inhabited by space turtles, singing lizards and flying mangoes. While I'm not yet ready to do a full review, I want to bring Samorost 3 to your attention, starting with its trailer:

Steve Jackson's Sorcery! Part 3 The Seven Serpents

I've had the chance to review Sorcery! Parts 1 & 2 about two months ago, and I'm incredibly glad I decided to do so because what I found was a faithful adaptation of a choose-your-own-adventure gamebook, complete with the myriad of gruesome, yet hilarious ways to die.

Unfortunately for me, only the first two parts of the quadrilogy were available on PC back then, so I had to endure the grueling torture of a cliffhanger for two overly long months. The eternal wait is soon over, however, as Part 3 of Sorcery! has been set to arrive on April 5th. Here's the trailer giving you a glimpse of all of the areas you'll be able to meet an untimely end at:

Solstice is a mystery thriller visual novel with some beautiful art

Solstice is a mystery thriller that asks you a rather difficult question: if stuck in a dystopian world, would you prefer to stay silent and safe, or take the hard road to freedom?

Its being made by MoaCube, the developers behind the well written and quite endearing Cinders, and since the release date for Solstice is only two days off I would like to bring it to your attention, starting with the trailer:

The Count Lucanor is a charming and well written horror adventure game

The Count Lucanor is a charming pixel adventure that takes place in a equally lovely fantasy land, but as it so often happens, darkness lurks beneath the seemingly perfect veneer and soon enough you will get roped in to a mystery of the most horrific kind.

It released a couple of weeks ago, on March 3rd to be exact, with some great reviews backing it up, but has unfortunately somehow escaped the public's eye. So allow me to showcase you The Count Lucanor, starting with the trailer: