Furi PC gameplay screenshot featuring a boss duel

[Update #2]: Six years after its launch, the boss-battling action game Furi is getting a brand new character!

[Update]: The team behind Furi is now working on Haven - a relationship focused RPG adventure.

Furi is an extremely challenging boss fighter that will have you face off, one on one, against a wide assortment of enemies. Rather than simply mash your buttons and hope for the best, you will need to dodge enemy attacks, seek out openings, and punish your foes when the opportunity presents itself. I hesitate to compare it to Dark Souls, mostly because the gameplay differs so greatly, but both games embody the same sort of ideals and the focus on "challenging but fair" combat.

It launched a couple of days ago on Steam, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be getting the sort of recognition it should, and that is a massive shame given that I find it to be quite fantastic. Since words alone usually aren't enough, here's the launch trailer to hopefully give you an idea of what Furi's all about:


As you may have noticed throughout the trailer, Furi is actually a combination of hack & slash and shoot-em-up mechanics, and as such it can be a damnably hard game. You will often have to worry about your positioning in the present and the future, while also finding a way to strike at the boss that won't just stand still and let you either stab or shoot them. Furi really is challenging, and you will have to die many times before you master a particular fight, but that feeling of satisfactions when you finally see the boss tumble and fall is simply second to none, especially if they used your face to mop the floor for the past 20 minutes!

If you would like to learn more about Furi, or just check out some more videos and screenshots, I would suggest you head over to the official website. On the other hand, if you would like to try your hand at Furi and see how many bosses you can take down before rage-quitting, you will find it at either Steam or the PlayStation Store for a rather pricey $25/€25.

Furi is an action orientated boss fighter