Necropolis gameplay screenshot featuring multiple players

Necropolis is a third-person action roguelike that features a challenging combat system, a giant dungeon to delve, and most excitingly, the ability to roam around with up to three other friends. While you won't see this mentioned on any of the official descriptions, Necropolis is inspired by Dark Souls in many ways, so expect to do a lot of dodging around, parrying, and getting slammed face first into the ground when you fail to do just that.

If you're wondering what Necropolis looks like, and more importantly what's it all about, here's a surprisingly funky official trailer:


While the very concept behind Necropolis sounds like pure pleasure to me, the early reviews don't seem to be very favorable, especially on Steam given that it currently holds a mixed rating. From what I've gleamed so far, the main complaints all center around the lack of enemy variety, the lack of weapon variety, and unfortunately almost no replayability. On the other hand, the art style, combat system and writing are mostly well received, though the overall public consensus seems to be squarely planted on "just average".

If all of this hasn't swayed your opinion and you're still interested in Necropolis, you can purchase it from Steam at a €28/$28 price tag. I would suggest you read a couple of reviews beforehand, however, just to be on the safe side given the rather hefty price point.

Necropolis' characters in some co-op action