Onnamusha DLC artwork for the boss-battling action game Furi

[Update]: Onnamusha Rider has now arrived, and so far her playstyle really does seem to offer a fresh and unique take on Furi's gameplay!

In announcement that comes completely out of nowhere, The Game Bakers team has just unveiled a brand new DLC for their 2016 boss-battling action game Furi. The Onnamusha DLC brings with it a brand new character that features her own unique assortment of moves, gameplay mechanics and approaches for each boss.

Onnamusha Rider, the titular character, will be a powerful fighter that alternates between two different stances in order to best approach each situation. You can go fast and agile in order to strike at the bosses in the rare few moments they're not spewing attacks towards you, or go for the riskier approach that involves slower yet far more lethal attacks. Either way you'll be building up the special Star meter in the process, which can then be used to unleash some serious damage upon your foes.

While there won't be any sort of new bosses to tackle in the DLC, The Game Bakers team is convinced the additional gameplay mechanics and character-specific challenges will make Furi feel fresh and exciting again. That said, even if it doesn't completely revitalize the experience, a bit of extra variety is always a welcome thing in my book!

The final thing worth mentioning is that there will be a free update to Furi alongside the Onnamusha DLC. This one will simply make all of the paid and free content available to all players, so if you're coming back for the new DLC you might just find a few extra bits and pieces to mess around with.

Once the Onnamusha DLC lands this May 17th I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, I'll leave you with the brief trailer showing off what Onnamusha Rider is all about. Enjoy!