Starbound's giant door

Starbound, an extraterrestrial sandbox adventure, has been in development for 5 years now, and even though there were many missteps along the way I'm happy to say its long journey has finally reached its conclusion with an official release.

In order to summarize all of the updates and changes made over the years, the folks at Chucklefish recently posted a 5-minute long trailer showcasing pretty much everything you can do in Starbound, from the story-focused campaign to the various boss battles. Have a look:


Whether its any good or not, however, I can't tell you personally as I've spent the past 5 years waiting for it to finally release before diving in, but it does appear that the reviews so far are quite positive. The only reoccurring complaint I've seen is related to performance issues on old machines, but outside of that its pretty much straight-up praise for its exploration, combat, and crafting.

If you would like to give it a try, you can grab Starbound for a rather reasonable $14/€14 on Steam, Humble or GOG.

On a slightly different note, if you find yourself enjoying this sort of gameplay make sure to check out Terraria as well, it just recently got a brand new update.

Starbound's underground house