Battlecrew Space Pirates tiger and shark

For an indie company Dontnod seem to have no fear about branching into a whole variety of genres. They started out with a cyberpunk action-adventure (Remember Me), moved on to a time-warping narrative driven game about a bunch of teenage girls (Life is Strange), and are now working a serious, character focused RPG about vampires in old England (Vampyr).

If that wasn't already broad enough, their recently revealed Dontnod 11 studio is now working on Battlecrew Space Pirates, a competitive online shooter with plenty of cheesy humor and Awesomenauts inspired action. Since the whole thing is a bit off the rails, perhaps it would be best if you just look at the announcement video:


From what is known so far the matches in Battlecrew will support up to 8 players, all of which will be able to choose from "a richly-colord cast of cool and charismatic pirates", which apparently include a space-tiger and a space-shark. The Early Access version will initially sport only two game modes: Gold Rush, where you and your team need to steal collect as much gold as possible to win, and Team Deathmatch where you can just forget any semblance of strategy and just blast away your enemies.

The most interesting feature announced so far, however, are the Pirate Bounties, regularly updated and hopefully difficult challenges. By completing them you will be able to unlock new characters, skins, taunts, and a whole bunch of other goodies, though how exactly they'll work is currently unknown.

If you would like to find out more about Battlecrew I would recommend you head over to Steam as the official website is quite bereft of content. Speaking of which, the Early Access release date simply states "coming soon", so expect to see Battlecrew arrive within a month or so.

Battlecrew Space Pirates character