Phantaruk is a sci-fi survival horror game

Phantaruk is an upcoming sci-fi survival horror that takes place in one of the most terrifying locations known to the genre - a derelict star ship. There is no room to hide, the utilitarian design leaves little room for cheerful scenery, you can't leave unless you've suddenly developed space-gills, and worst of all, there is no limit to the amount of monstrosities that might populate the darkest reaches of space.

Since simply talking about horror games is rarely an effective way of letting you know what its all about, here's the recent trailer to properly set the scene:

A robot screenshot from The Signal From Tolva

Big Robot, the UK studio behind Sir, You Are Being Hunter has recently announced their newest project - The Signal From Tölva. Given the studio's name and the amount of robots present in their previous game, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that The Signal From Tölva is going to be an open-world, sci-fi shooter filled with tons of robots, both big and small.

If you're wondering what all of this looks like and what sort of environments you'll be able to explore, the devs have also released an announcement trailer that, while brief on gameplay, showcases the world rather well. Have a look

screenshot of a bossfight from Slain: Back from Hell

Slain is a heavy metal inspired action-platformer that released back in March, but even though the art style and premise were beyond amazing, the game itself was flawed on nearly every front. The difficulty curve was lopsided, controls weren't as tight as you would except from a hack & slash, and the AI was easily exploitable which led to some rather repetitive gameplay.

While that would usually be the end of the story, the developers have instead decided to spend a couple of months reworking Slain from the ground up, as well as adding new features and bosses to play around with. The end result of all this hard work is Slain: Back from Hell, and if the recent reviews are to be believed, the rework has been a massive success! Here's the trailer to give you an idea of what the new Slain is all about:

Little King's Story PC screenshot

Little King's Story is an RTS/RPG hybrid that released for the Nintendo Wii 7 years ago, or a couple of centuries in Internet years given that it has been largely forgotten despite having overwhelmingly positive reviews from both the critics and the general public.

If all of that has now piqued your interest, and you've somehow skipped reading the title, you'll be glad to hear that Little King's Story is coming to the PC this week, on August 5th to be specific. Here's the recently posted PC trailer to hopefully give you an idea of what Little King's Story is all about and why it has garnered such reviews:

Rising Islands screenshot of a snow covered area

Rising Islands is an upcoming adventure game that will task you with combining high-speed movement, jumping, wallruning, and straight-up flying through the air in order to complete a series of challenges. To make things even more... interesting for the players, there is also a shifting mechanic that lets you move between dimensions and bypass obstacles that way.

The concept itself is fairly simple, but its a tricky one to describe adequately in words alone, so here's the recently posted gameplay trailer to give you a better idea of what Rising Islands is all about:

Battlecrew Space Pirates tiger and shark

For an indie company Dontnod seem to have no fear about branching into a whole variety of genres. They started out with a cyberpunk action-adventure (Remember Me), moved on to a time-warping narrative driven game about a bunch of teenage girls (Life is Strange), and are now working a serious, character focused RPG about vampires in old England (Vampyr).

If that wasn't already broad enough, their recently revealed Dontnod 11 studio is now working on Battlecrew Space Pirates, a competitive online shooter with plenty of cheesy humor and Awesomenauts inspired action. Since the whole thing is a bit off the rails, perhaps it would be best if you just look at the announcement video:

We Happy Few's scary police officers

Its not often that Early Access games pique my interest, but We Happy Few has such a strong premise that I can't help but get intrigued. To put it simply, the action is set in a retro-futuristic 1960's city of Wellington Wells, a city completely ravaged by war and starvation, whose inhabitants live in a drug-fueled state of happiness in order to escape the misery of the real world... or perhaps there is something more going on?

Since the whole concept is hard to explain through a single paragraph, here's the recently posted gameplay trailer to really give you an idea of what We Happy Few looks like, and more importantly, what its all about:

The Eyes of Ara medieval castle screenshot

With Obduction, Myst's true spiritual successor, delayed from its July release all the way to August 24th due to the need for further bug fixing, there is currently a bit of a vacuum when it comes to puzzle-adventures.

This is where The Eyes of Ara, a newly released adventure with some truly devious puzzles, comes in to play as it offers almost exactly the same type of experience as Myst, and this includes the frequent moments of bewilderment when you encounter some of the more... obscure puzzles. If you're wondering what all of this looks like in terms of gameplay, here's an extended trailer showcasing just that:

Starbound's giant door

Starbound, an extraterrestrial sandbox adventure, has been in development for 5 years now, and even though there were many missteps along the way I'm happy to say its long journey has finally reached its conclusion with an official release.

In order to summarize all of the updates and changes made over the years, the folks at Chucklefish recently posted a 5-minute long trailer showcasing pretty much everything you can do in Starbound, from the story-focused campaign to the various boss battles. Have a look:

The Hex

Pony Island, despite featuring a name that belongs mostly to the strange parts of the Internet, was a pretty damn compelling little game, so I'm happy to tell you that Daniel Mullins, the solo developer behind it, is currently working on a brand new game.

The Hex is on first glance your standard Agatha Christie murder mystery where a bunch of people are stuck in a tavern with a murderer during a raging storm, though the twist is that each of the characters is a parody of various gaming genres. You've got The Spacemarine, The Sorceress, The Platformer, The Fighter, The Apocalypse Survivor and The First Person Perspective, and by exploring their memories you will need to try and uncover the murderer... or perhaps even darker secrets!

Since the whole premise behind The Hex is completely and utterly bizarre, here's the announcement trailer to hopefully give you an idea of what to expect: