Battlerite is a spiritual successor to BLC

Bloodline Champions was an impeccably well balanced, team orientated arena brawler that featured a unique cast of characters, skill based fighting and enough depth to keep even the most hardcore of players invested. Nowadays, mostly due to publisher greed and some unfortunate timing, it has become a ghost town of poorly executed microtransactions and power creep.

However, not all is lost as Stunlock Studios (the folks behind the original Bloodline Champions) are now making a spiritual successor by the name of Battlerite. Here's the trailer, and if you've ever played BLC prepare to be excited beyond measure:

Overload is a spiritual successor to Descent

Descent, for those of you that might not have an encyclopedic knowledge of old PC shooters, was an innovative and incredibly fun first person shooter with six degrees of freedom, meaning you could move in all directions and even fly around upside-down.

The reason I'm mentioning it now is because Overload, a spiritual successor to Descent, has just released a playable teaser showcasing everything many have come to love about the original game. Here's the trailer and the download link:

Bannerman is a medieval hack and slash

Bannerman is a medieval action-adventure with challenging combat, rotoscoped 16-bit visuals and a character who seems content to simply stroll along the battlefield at a leisurely pace.

It is being made by a solo developer and aims to explore the darker side of medieval fantasy, one without knights in shining armor and camaraderie between battle-brothers. Here's the trailer and a bit more information, though do be warned, the music will be stuck in your head for far longer than you might expect:

Path of Exile: Ascendancy is now live

Path of Exile is, in my humble opinion, the best ARPG out there and with the recently released Ascendancy expansion it has surpassed even its previous heights.

Ascendancy brought with it a daily randomized dungeon, a rework of the already massive and complex skill tree, new ascendancy classes, plenty of new skills, support gems and so much more. Here's the trailer, just in case you missed it, along with my first impressions of the new content:

Copper Dreams is a cyberpunk RPG

Ever since I first tasted the old Fallout games I've fallen in love with classical RPGs, especially those that deal with post apocalyptic scenarios and somewhat serious themes, such as the recently release Underrail.

The reason I'm mentioning this now is because Copper Dreams, a gritty cyberpunk combat RPG set in a hellhole of a city, has been announced through a very intriguing trailer. Have a look:

Radial-G is an Oculus Rift racing game

With both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift arriving in the not so distant future many of the upcoming VR focused games have started moving towards their full release as well.

One such game is Radial-G, a futuristic racer with little respect for gravity, which after being in Early Access for over a year is now ready to be officially released. Here's the launch trailer and a bit more info:

Samorost 3 is coming to Steam on March 24th

Amanita Designs, the folks behind the masterfully done point&click adventures Botanicula and Machinarium have announced that their latest game, Samorost 3, will be coming to Steam in March.

Samorost 3 is a loose continuation of two small web games, Samorost 1 (which is free) and Samorost 2 (which is currently €5/$5 on Steam), as well as the developers most ambitious project yet given that it took over 5 years to complete. Here's the trailer and a bit more information:

Punch Club is getting a free expansion called The Dark Fist

Punch Club is a boxing tychoon/management RPG that came to prominence after the developers promised to release it early if, and only if, Twitch collectively managed to beat the it. As you might expect the entire game was ravaged within two days and the developers promptly released Punch Club on Steam in accordance to their promise.

Since then Punch Club has underwent many free patches and updates but the recently announced expansion is set to be the biggest one of them all. Here's what exactly will be coming with The Dark Fist:

Time bending stealth game Shadwen has a demo available

The folks over at Frozenbyte are some of my favorite indie developers, consistently delivering on visually beautiful and interesting games. They might not always pan out, as is the case with Trine 3, but you can always be assured that they tried their very best.

Which is why I'm incredibly happy that they are so confident in their upcoming stealth game Shadwen that they're not only willing to release a demo of it but are making it a community event. The trick is that each playthrough of the demo helps reduce the final price of Shadwen, which in other words means the developers get some lovely exposure and we as the players get a discount, a win-win in my eyes.

Here's the trailer and information on how this whole event works:

We Are The Dwarves is a hardcore strategy game

We are the Dwarves is a real time strategy game where you take control of a trio of Dwarven astronauts on a mission that has gone terribly wrong leaving them stranded in the void of space, which in this universe is comprised of stone.

It features some incredibly challenging levels you will need to navigate through careful planning, skillful use of your Dwarven abilities and a whole lot of slashing & bashing. Here's the trailer, a bit of information on each Dwarf and the game itself: