Haven screenshot of a dialogue in the kitchen

[Update]: Haven has now added alternative and fully voiced same-sex partners as a part of a free update.

After focusing pretty much entirely on fast-paced combat with Furi, The Game Bakers studio is taking things in a bit of a different direction with the upcoming Haven. Instead of tackling a series of challenging boss fights one after another, Haven will have you control two characters at the same time as they explore the world, fight against an assortment of monsters, and occasionally even argue against each other.

Since this is one of those concepts you really need to see to fully grasp, allow me to share with you one of gameplay trailers. Have a gander, the atmosphere is really lovely:

It's also worth mentioning that Haven will have support for drop-in, drop-out co-op. So if you have a significant other that's willing to give Haven a try with you, I have a feeling it'll give the whole story bit more of an edge. And if nothing else, things are always more fun with a bit of co-op nonsense thrown into the mix!

As for the release date, you can expect to see Haven launch later this year for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. To learn more about it, as well as follow any future announcements, you should hop on over to the official website.