Valve talks about upcoming changes to their security and trading policies

Christmas truly is a time of miracles because Valve have actually come out and spoken in-depth about an important topic that's been circulating the Steam forums recently, that of account security and trading. To say Valve has little community interaction would be one hell of an understatement so when they do actually talk, it tends to be worth listening to.

In the recent announcement they have confirmed that there is indeed a raise in the number of hacked Steam accounts but they've also detailed all the various options available to them as well as what they're going to do about it moving forward. I'll do a brief overview of the announcement but if you want to read the full version yourself head over here.

Resident Evil 0 HD remaster is coming in January with graphical and audio improvements

After the disappointment that the last few Resident Evil games were I've started to look forward more towards HD remasters of older games than new titles in the series.

Last time I've played Resident Evil 0 was probably over 10 years ago but I do remember it being quite excellent. Which is a good thing indeed because its HD remaster has been confirmed to arrive on January 19th sporting better graphics and sound, as well as a few other nifty features.

HTC's Virtual Reality Headset is delayed till April

Commercial versions of HTC's Vive headset were expected to release in late 2015 but it would appear they are being delayed for a little while longer in order to add some "last minute" polish to them.

In a Facebook post HTC clarified what exactly is happening and announced that the home versions of  Vive headsets are being delayed till April.

Elder Scrolls Online will have a free weekend starting this Thursday

Elder Scrolls Online had a rather poor launch, to say the least. It was buggy and the coop elements didn't work very well so in the minds of a lot of people it slowly faded away.

Fortunately, the developers didn't just spend a year sitting on their thumbs and from what I hear now ESO, is a good MMO in its own right. So if you find yourself interested now would be the time to give it a try since there will be a free week going on from 8 AM GMT this Thursday till 8 AM GMT the following Monday.

Most bizarre thing of it all? Just by playing in December and early January you will enter a raffle with the grand prize being $1,000,000 (yes, that is a million).

The PC port of Final Fantasy 6 has some questionable art directions

One of the best Final Fantasy games as well as one of the best RPGs out there is finally coming to PC in an official capacity, hooray!!! Its a port of the mobile version whose graphics somehow look worse than the SNES ones... well, crap.

Despite how amazing FF6 is I still can't bring myself to be excited about the fact that this version of it is releasing on Steam on December 16th. I was so hopeful when I first talked about the potential FF6 PC version and now its been confirmed that we're getting the worst one out of the lot, what a sad piece of news. 

CS:GO Winter Update brings new revolver and large balance changes.

Well this update came out of nowhere, and while I welcome its changes its still a bit strange Valve would push this update out only a short time before the the finale of a rather big tournament. There are a lot of far-reaching changes here and I can easily see the pros being thrown off balance.

The Winter Update is bringing us a new weapon, the R8 revolver, a reduction to pistol accuracy while moving, an increase in rifle recovery when it comes to long ranged bursting and a few more changes that will really shake up how the game plays. Here's a quick overview of the patch:

Starbound update brings a lot of improvements to the combat system

It feels like forever ago (in Internet years anyway) that Starbound launched in Early Access and while I've seen it updated many times, the patches never excited me enough to reinstall the game.

Today's patch is different story however. With the addition of new monsters and weapons, as well as a big rework of the combat system, Starbound is once again back on my radar. Here's what's being added:

Overwatch developer announced that all maps and heroes will be free post launch

These short developer updates are one of the best things Blizzard has decided to do in recent times. It always feels good knowing the developers understand your concerns and have plans to do something about them because even if it takes a while at least the complaints aren't falling on deaf ears.

And the same thing applies with the recently released Overwatch developer update (embedded below) where Jeff Kaplan, game director for Overwatch, briefly goes over recent hot topics and gives nice, concise answers.

The Nexus Mods security issues seem to be mostly solved

If you don't know what I'm talking about and want the full story head over to this article I've done yesterday, but long story short there was reasonable suspicion that Nexus Mods may have had a security breach and that user passwords were in danger.

Luckily, the problem was much smaller than expected though there was a security breach back in 2013. So if you haven't changed your password since July 22nd 2013 make sure you do so as soon as possible, even though it doesn't appear that anyone has gained anything of value out of the stolen database. If you're interested in specifics read on.

A special Afterbirth challenge run in honor of Mr. Iwata

I've said a lot of good things about Afterbirth in my The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth Review and now, after playing it for a month longer, I'm even happier with my purchase. It took everything I loved about Rebirth and built something great upon its foundations.

But just making a really good game wasn't enough apparently because the Afterbirth+ update has been announced, bringing with it mod support, new items, new enemies, a bestiary and a few features they didn't want to reveal just yet.