Gears of War: UE is now live on the Windows Store

After the system requirements were leaked a couple of days ago it was obvious that Microsoft was planning to do something with Gears of War: Ultimate Edition in the near future.

What no one could've expected is for Microsoft to not just release Gears of War: UE a few days later but to release it with no announcement or fanfare involved. Here's the trailer and a few words of warning:


Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is currently available on the Windows Store for a reasonable $30 but before you take the plunge there are a few things you need to know about Windows Store games: they are only available for Windows 10, vsync is permanently on and cannot be disabled, there is no dedicated fullscreen mode (only borderless fullscreen), you cannot link them to Steam due to a lack of .exe file and there is no chance of modding happening in the future due to the use of Microsoft's Universal Apps Platform.

Also, its been noted that for some combinations of AMD hardware the FPS in Gears of War: UE can drop down to single digits so if you're running that sort of a rig I'd advise you to wait a couple of days and see if the issues get patched out.

If none of the problems mentioned above affect you then feel free to grab Gears of War: UE, I hear its a very faithful remaster of the classic cover based shooter that managed to heavily influence the entire genre for a many, many years.