Warcraft 3 is getting a new patch on March 15th

I'm not sure what exactly Blizzard is planning, but I like what they are doing regardless. First Diablo 2 received a patch that fixed many glitches and improved compatibility with modern systems, and now Warcraft 3 is getting a similar treatment.

This news comes from a short video Robert Brindenbecker, head of the classic games group at Blizzard, made in order to announce Blizzard's continued support of the Chinese Warcraft 3 scene. Have a look:


Warcraft 3's Patch 1.27 will release for all regions simultaneously on March 15th, and best of all, its going to be the first of a new wave of updates that this classic RTS will receive.

There is currently no information on what exactly the changes will be, but if we use the Diablo 2 patch as a basis then its safe to assume it will involve glitch fixing, compatibility improvements for modern systems, and hopefully some balance changes as the poor Undead really need a boost.

With Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3 now patched up and ready for modern systems, it would be delightful if they could extend the same courtesy to other Blizzard classics such as Starcraft, Lost Vikings and Rock n' Roll Racing. Oh, and finally adding all of these games to the BattleNet Launcher, its been a long time coming now.