After a long delay Diablo 2 has finally received a new patch

Its been a couple of years since I've last played Diablo 2 (mostly due to Path of Exile hijacking my attention) , but I'm sure many will agree that its a game with very few issues to speak of.

But it seems that simply having very few issues isn't good enough for Blizzard as they have just announced the release of Update 1.14a for Diablo 2 which brings with it compatibility improvements and bug fixes. Here's the full list:

"It’s been a long time coming, but today we’re releasing 1.14a for Diablo II.

This update focuses on system glitches introduced by modern operating systems. In related news, you can finally retire those old Mac PowerPCs. Included with the update is a shiny new installer for OSX.

We’ve also begun working to improve our cheat-detection and hack-prevention capabilities. There’s still work to be done, but we’re making improvements every day.

There is still a large Diablo II community around the world, and we thank you for continuing to play and slay with us. This journey starts by making Diablo II run on modern platforms, but it does not end there. See you in Sanctuary, adventurers."

This might sound like a small update, but just the fact that they're aiming to stop cheaters and hackers is such an immense change for Diablo 2, a game that has suffered from invincible player-killers and other such nonsense for the better part of its life. 

While this wasn't specifically stated by Blizzard I'm going to assume that Update 1.14a will be fixing the various item duping glitches which resulted in high end items and runes being traded around as if they were candy, and I don't mean the good kind, but rather the ones with strange flavors you offload to trick-or-treaters.

All joking aside, this is a most welcome update to a truly classic ARPG, and hopefully the first of many more to come. While you're at it Blizzard, how about you add Diablo 2 to the Battle Net client, its been a long time coming.