Rocket League is adding a Basketball mode

After not being interested in football for the better part of my life I finally realized that it wasn't the sport itself that I disliked, but rather the lack of rocket-powered cars flipping all over the field.

And now that Psyonix have announced a basketball mode for Rocket League, I have a feeling I've just found another sport well worth watching, and even more so playing.

Its currently unknown whether you will be able to shoot hoops in an entirely new standalone mode (like the hockey themed Snow Day) or if it will be a part of the ongoing series of experimental modes/mutators available for use, but I'd say its safe to assume it won't be a part of a Competitive.

The Basketball mode is being developed in order to celebrate March Madness (a massive basketball tournament in the US), and will arrive later this year, though no date was given just yet.

Finally, if you're reading this and you haven't already given Rocket League a try, do yourself a solid and correct that mistake. Its rather cheap, simple to pick up yet almost infinitely complex, and most importantly, its a whole lot of fun.