Five Nights at Freddy's gets a cutesy colorful RPG

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says Five Nights at Freddy's? Is it the horrifying animatronics, the extremely deep and convoluted storyline or perhaps the high stress gameplay?

Well, FNaF World is none of those things. It is a cheerful and light RPG starring cutesy versions of your favorite metal abominations and even though it was supposed to release next month it has manifested itself today on Steam. Here's the trailer:

Torment beta will begin on January 21st for Kickstarter backers

The beta for Torment: Tides of Numenera was originally slated for December last year but had to be delayed until January 17th due to some last minute bug fixing and general polishing-up.

However, even the January 17th release had to be delayed due to some unforeseen problems and the final, 100% going to happen, date for the beta is set on January 21st. Here's the short announcement message:

Long War mod team is going to launch multiple mods alongside XCOM 2

My excitement for XCOM 2 knows no bounds at this point and its not due to their trailers or press releases but rather Firaxises willingness to involve their most dedicated community members with the game's development even before launch. To me that clearly shows confidence in the game and respect for the community that made XCOM truly great.

In a blog post that went up today Firaxis has announced that Long War Studios, the guys behind the excellent Long War mod for XCOM, are hard at work on multiple XCOM 2 mods that will release alongside the game. Here's the announcement message:

A Boy and His Blob released on Steam this January 19th

A Boy and His Blob is a colorful puzzle platformer with very stylish visuals and cheerful narrative wrapping all of it up. The gameplay centers around the use of jelly beans in order to transform your Blob friend in to various tool and objects needed to solve puzzles and progress through the levels.

It first released on the Wii a couple of years back to some rather good reviews and is now out on PC & Steam as well, once again with a great reception. Here's the trailer that came along with the release:

Layers of Fear is an indie psychological horror game and its great

The horror genre these days seems to be the dumping ground of "youtube bait" games as I like to call them, games without much substance or any real dread to them, only cheap jump scares.

So when an actually well done psychological horror in the form of Layers of Fear announces its leaving Early Access on February 16th you bet I'm excited even though I'm probably going to chicken out from playing it through to completion. Here's the trailer:

NetherRealms has announced that they will not bring future updates of Mortal Kombat X to PC

When Mortal Kombat X first released on PC it was an absolutely horrible port despite many promises stating otherwise. It took about two weeks before patches finally made it playable for the majority of the playerbase, not exactly a good launch all things considered. And yet according to Steamspy it so far sold a respectable 500,000 copies.

So what did WB & NetherRealm Studios decide to do in order to thank their playerbase for sticking by them? Announce that Mortal Kombat XL, Kombat Pack 2 and the revamped netcode update will only be coming to the Xbox One and PS4 versions. Here's the quote from a NetherRealm community rep:

Far Cry Primal trailer "King of the Stone Age" gives us glimpses in to the story

The majority of Far Cry: Primal trailers and gameplay showcases so far focused on killing this and murdering that without spending even a single moment to explain why exactly should we hate the differently tattooed enemies.

The recently released King of the Stone Age trailer is just as steeped in blood as all the others but it does give us glimpses towards the overall narrative and the why of things. It also features an incredible rendition of what a Stone Age dialect might look like, no slightly-off English accents to be found here. Take a look yourself:

Dark Souls #1 is an official comic that will be releasing this April

Given the popularity of Dark Souls as a series and the short comic that preceded the release of Dark Souls 2 the only surprising thing here is how long it took for an official comic book to show up.

In a short announcement over at IGN George Mann, the writer behind the comic, announced that Dark Souls #1 will be releasing on April 6th, shortly before Dark Souls 3's launch. Here's one of the four cower images announced:

Snowfall is the second expansion to City: Skylines and brings with it a weather system and new modes of transportation

Back when Cities: Skylines first released it was exactly what the genre needed to stave off a decline in to irrelevance. A well done, semi-serious city management/builder sim without any of the bloat and nonsense that came with Sim City.

And now Cities: Skylines is poised to become even better as a new expansion titled Snowfall has been announced, bringing with it a new weather system and everything that entails, new modes of transportation and a lot more. Here's the announcement trailer:

Metal Gear Online is now out this January 19th on PC

To say that the PC version of Metal Gear Online was heavily delayed is a bit of an understatement as months have passed since the consoles got their taste of MGS V multiplayer action.

And now, after a rather short beta that lasted slightly over a week Metal Gear Online is finally available for the PC crowd to experience. Here's the announcement message from the MGO developers: