Metal Gear Solid Online is getting a survival mode

Continuing on with the survival theme that seems to permeate AAA development these days, Konami has announced that Metal Gear Solid Online will be receiving its own Survival mode next week.

However, unlike the survival modes in Far Cry Primal and Fallout 4 that expect you to scrounge for supplies and fight against an uncaring landscape, the Survival Mode in MGO is a bit less exciting, its a 6 man free-for-all where players attempt to earn 5 wins in a row in order to qualify for some secret, but supposedly awesome prizes. Here's the bizarre video Konami released to 'showcase' the Survival Mode:


Naturally, it wouldn't be a Konami game if it didn't have some feature that makes you go "wait what?". This time around its the fact that you will only be able to play the Survival Mode 10 times a week unless you own the Cloaked in Shadow DLC, in which case you will be able to play it to your hearts content. On the positive side, you can use the Survival Mode to preview some of the new maps, so there's at least some benefit to it.

As a final note, Konami has also released a brief overview of what close-quarters-combat is all about, so if that's something that interests you I would suggest you direct your eyeballs to the official MGO website.

The Survival Mode update is expected to hit on April 7.