Far Cry Primal Survivor Mode has been announced

Survival modes must be rather popular among AAA developers as we just recently had Fallout 4's survival update launch in to beta , and already there is an announcement for Far Cry Primal and its take on stone age survival. If this is a new trend in the making, it is one that I am fully behind, bring on actually difficult content and less bullet- spongy enemies!

The aptly named Survivor Mode will be arriving to Far Cry Primal on April 12, and bringing with it a much more ruthless and brutal gameplay experience. While there isn't much information about the Survivor Mode just yet, here's what Ubisoft did reveal, starting with the announcement video:


First of all, the update will bring with it the permadeath option, meaning that if you fall off a cliff or end up as cat food, that will be it, your character is done. To offer some incentive for players to actually play through Far Cry Primal on Expert difficulty Survivor Mode with permadeath enabled, Ubisoft is offering an exclusive and special reward for those insane, and skilled enough to complete this challenge.

As for the Survivor Mode, it is adding a stamina gouge to, the minimap is turned off by default, and the fog of war has been strengthened leaving you to rely on your cunning and observation skills to avoid danger. Even fast travel is going to be a lot tougher since it will expend both stamina and food, two things you will need plenty of if you plan to do engage in frequent battles with the local wildlife.

Far Cry Primal is soon getting a Survivor Mode

I have a distinct feeling the artist had some bad encounters with wolves

As an added "bonus", taming some beasts will require you to bring them down to half-life before they can be baited and tamed, so try not to lose them in battle as the process of taming new ones has the potential to be quite painful. And speaking of painful, if any of your pets die, they are gone for good. You can always tame a new bear, but rare creatures like the Bloodfang Sabertooth can't ever be brought back to life once lost, so if you decide to go through with the risky business of taming one, don't just send it alone against a horde of enemies.

If you're interested in watching how this Survivor Mode looks in action, Ubisoft will be holding a stream on April 7th, so make sure to bookmark their Twitch page.