Dark Souls 3 animated trailer & 80's horror trailer

The Souls series has had its fair share of absolutely bizarre trailers over the years, trailers that somehow always fail to represent the game in its true light (or, well... dark), and while the two trailers released yesterday certainly fall in that category, they are also incredibly fascinating.

The first trailer you will see is a re-imagining of Dark Souls 3 as a schlocky B-grade 80s horror movie, with all of film grain and cheesy voice acting that comes with that. Nothing I say will do it justice, so direct your eyeballs below and behold the spectacle:

The second, and infinitely more disturbing trailer is titled simply as "The Witches", and casts Dark Souls 3 as an ominous, but well animated short. Fair warning, this one gets a bit graphic:

While its certainly a strange way of advertising Dark Souls 3, especially given that its basically "released" already, I have to commend the marketing folks as these two trailers are top notch stuff.

If you're prepared to die, Dark Souls 3 will be ready and willing to provide such services when it finally released for everyone on April 12.