Tribes: Ascend Update 1.3 is now available

Tribes: Ascend has never been extremely popular, but it always had a decently-sized core of extremely loyal players, which at one point included me. Unfortunately, through a series of poor decisions Hi-Rez Studios managed to not just run the game in to the ground, but pierce the Earth's core as well. Eventually the developers were pulled from the project and Tribes: Ascend slowly faded in to obscurity, with only a faint echo of "SHAZBOT!" in the distance to remind people of its existence.

Until rather recently when Hi-Rez Studios decided to do right by their fans and bring new life new life in to Tribes: Ascend in the form of an absolutely titanic update. They also promised that would be only the first in a series of updates, and judging by the large patch that appeared on Steam a few hours ago, I would say that they did not disappoint. Here are the patch notes:


Hellfire is now available to play for CTF and Blitz and has been added to all appropriate server map rotations.

Votekick percentage increased to 45%, up from 35%

Changed votekick message to include player who initiated the votekick.

"Vote by [votekick_starter]: kick [kickable_player]?"

Ammo pickups now yield the same 400 hp heal on all armor types when

- Light - Heals for 400 HP, up from 300.

- Medium - Heals for 400 hp, down from 462.

- Heavy - Heals for 400 hp, down from 520.

Blueshift has been removed from map rotations by community request. This map will still be available to play on custom servers.

Equipment Changes:

- All rapid fire weapons have had RNG based spread completed removed in favor for precise shots based on player skill only.

The following weapons have had their damage falloff values adjusted to 80% damage at range. This is to normalize the falloff between other similar weapons.

- Falcon

- NJ4

- X1 LMG 

Saber Launcher

- May now fire without locking a target. This will result a dumbfire missile with no tracking ability, similar to the old Titan Launcher.

Tracking Missile

- Target vehicle is locked with the same previous method and timing

- Damage increased to 1350, up from 1200

- Impulsed increased to 85000, up from 80000

- Range increased to 360, up from 220

Dumbfire Missile

- Impulsed increased to 85000, up from 80000

- Range increased to 360, up from 220

- Damage set to 370

- Direct impact damage multiplier set to 2.0

- Impulse set to 85000

- Range set to 300

- Speed set to 3000

- Inheritance set to 50%

- Size set to 15

Mortar Launcher

- Mortar direct impact timer increased to 0.75 seconds, up from 0.5 seconds.

- When hitting a vehicle the shorter timer is now used.

- Damage lowered to 1300, down from 1400.

- Direct hit bonus increased to 1.154, up from 1.0. Now deals 1500 damage on direct impact.

- Minimum damage decreased to 600 damage at max range.

Thrown Disks

- Decreased damage to 350, down from 600.

- Increased direct hit multiplier to 2.0, up from 1.5. Now deals 700 damage on direct impact.

Heavy weapons impulse reduction

The following weapons have had their impulse values reduced to 85,000 down from 90,000.

- Heavy Spinfusor

- Heavy Bolt Launcher

- Heavy Blinksfusor

Plasma Gun

- Fire interval reduced to 0.5, down from 0.6

- Damage reduced to 270, down from 280.

NJ5 returns to Medium armor.

- Fire interval set to 0.2

- Damage set to 150

- Falls off to 80% damage at at max range of 6000.

Impact Nitron

- Increased radius to 400, up from 350.


- Damage increased to 600, up from 500.

- No longer drains energy for up to 250 bonus damage.

- Damage dealt from behind remains at 2x.

- Removed impulse given to hit target.

Fixed a long standing issue where beams from sniper rifles would not connect with a target when successfully hit at long distances.

Fixed an issue preventing players from equipping a repair tool at a repair station when they have the ELF gun equipped.

Fixed an issue where the Flak Cannon / EFG would not reload at various stages in its clip.

Fixed an issue where the Flak Cannon / EFG would award multiple kills on a single target. 


Vehicle ejection speeds have been increased.

Light ejects at 50% vehicle speed, up from 40%

Medium ejects at 40% vehicle speed, up from 35%


- Health reduced to 1400, down from 2200.


- Health reduced to 1400, down from 2800

- Energy regeneration per second reduced to 10, down from 20

- Reduced impulse from weapon to 2500, down from 10,000

- Explosion radius reduced to 200, down from 250

Fixed an issue where many projectiles were being killed on direct impact with a vehicle and not dealing damage to them, especially while stationary.


Additional network optimizations to improve performance.

Tweaked load balancing logic to try and keep players on the same physical server between map transitions.

Lowered minimum mip settings to allow players to adjust their INI settings for extremely low texture resolutions.

Fixed an issue where the weapon HUD would turn back on after match completed even though it had been disabled.

Fixed an issue where the laser targeter target location wasn’t being properly set while in 3rd person camera mode.

Update 1.3 is available both through Steam and the in-game launcher, so put on your space-skis and start going fast!