Total War: Warhammer video showcases Raise Dead mechanic

After the unmitigated disaster that was Rome 2's initial launch something within Creative Assembly clearly changed for the better. Attila released without so much as a hitch, and now Total War: Warhammer is getting straight up gameplay videos every week that offer us a deep look in to all of the mechanics and features, even if they are still unfinished.

The same applies to the recently posted Vampire Counts campaign video that showcases all of the different technology they are able to employ, as well as how exactly the raise dead mechanics works. Have a look:


Unfortunately, the video starts on a rather poor note by showcasing how cool and special Chaos is, a painful reminder that Warhammer's most famous faction has been reduced to a pre-order DLC.

That sour thought aside, I have to say that the Vampire Counts have some really interesting campaign mechanics compared to the other factions, especially when it comes to the raise dead ability and all of the implications that come with it. The way it works is that the larger the battle, and consequently the more corpses that get piled on, the better the quantity and quality of units you can raise.

In other words, if you constantly fight small skirmishes you will only be able to raise weak, shambling creatures like zombies or skeletons. However, if you manage to win a massive battle against the enemy, you will not only gain the advantage through normal means, but you will also be able to raise some high tier units on the cheap, further cementing your lead.

I'm not sure how practical this will really be as you can't just keep your armies bundled together in the hopes of the enemy being stupid enough to engage you directly, but its certainly an intriguing mechanic, and one that I look forward to messing around with.

Total War: Warhammer will be arriving on May 24, and if you're looking for some actual combat gameplay starring the Vampire Counts, look no further, as here it is.