Subterrain has a very interesting take on the survival-horror genre

Subterrain is a top down open-world shooter with randomized levels and big focus on survival which includes things such as eating, sleeping and even attempting to find a place where you can safely take a dump without getting your face chomped off. You can also craft a lightsaber, yep.

After a rather successful Early Access campaign and a lot of very positive reviews Subterrain will be fully released on Steam this January 21st. Here's the release trailer:

Detective Poirot will be making his appearance on Steam this February

I never was much of a fan of the murder mystery/investigation genre, mostly due to being born past its prime but after playing and enjoying Aviary Attorney I might be turning around on it. And what better game would there be to start my journey than one starring the famously mustached detective Poirot.

Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders is coming to Steam (PC & Mac) on February 4th and from everything I can see so far its very true to its origins. Here's the trailer so you can take a look for yourself:

The lore & story heavy RPG Consortium is free on Steam this week

I first heard about Consortium today and while it is a bit of an obscure game the more I read about it the more interesting it became. In short Consortium is a first person adventure-RPG filled to the brim with lore and with a heavy focus on character interaction as well as player choices and consequences of every action you take.

Its completely free on Steam if you add it to your library during this week and I'd suggest you do so because Consortium seems to be one of the most ambitious RPG projects I've seen in a very long time. Here's the trailer, perhaps you will then understand what I mean:

February Rocket League patch brings with it a ton of loot including crowns

Ever since I started doing this whole gig about two months ago I must have cowered about a dozen Rocket League patches and updates by now. Its fascinating how much the folks behind Psyonix are willing to support a game that even without patches would still be pretty damn great.

The upcoming February patch, among currently unannounced features, is bringing in a bunch of new loot with which you can pimp out your ride as well as the rewards for the first season of competitive Rocket league. Here's a brief rundown of what to expect:

Omikron: The Nomad Soul is a David Bowie composed game that is currently being given away for free

In memoriam to the late David Bowie's legacy Square Enix is giving away free copies of a game he composed called Omikron: The Nomad Soul.

Omikron was made by Quantic Dream whom you might know from their work on Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain as well as Beyond: Two Souls but don't expect it to be on that sort of a level as the reviews for Omikron are fairly mixed. 

The Humble Winter Sale is now live with plenty of discounts to be had

If you thought your wallet was safe after the terribly cruel reign of the Steam Winter Sale ended I'm afraid I might be the bearer of bad news, or amazing news depending on your viewpoint and account balance.

The Humble Winter Sale launched recently and brought with it a ton of discounts on everything from AAA games to the smallest of indies. There are plenty of bargains to be had so I'd suggest you give it a look.

John Romero released a new Doom level today after not working on the game for over 20 years

It has been over two decades since John Romero last fiddled with Doom and crafted levels for it. That sentence would be completely true if he didn't decide to release today a brand new Doom level of his own design.

I haven't played it myself but from the comments on the Facebook post it seems to be a dastardly difficult one. I wouldn't have expected anything else from a level that has been brewing inside Romero's head for who knows how many years.

Fallout 4 beta patch 1.3 is now out on Steam

The recently released Fallout 4 beta patch is a bit light on new features but it does make up for it with the sheer number of fixes and quality of life changes that are coming with it.

Settlements have received the most in patch 1.3 as your settlers will now have a status menu, the ESDF key remapping will actually work when you're in workshop mode and the performance & memory stability have been improved so large settlements won't hopefully lag as much.

Here's the full list of changes:

Mojang published Cobalt will be coming early February

Cobalt is an action game all about rolling around, coming to us from Oxeye Game Studio and published by Moyang. If you have a distinct feeling you've heard about it before its quite likely as Cobalt has been announced way back in the ancient times of 2011.

But now its long journey seems to be coming to an end, or rather a beginning, as Cobalt will be releasing on the PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One this February 2nd at a $19,99 price tag. Here's the most recent gameplay trailer:

The Division closed beta starts on January 28th for Xbox One and 29th for PS4 and PC

After the technical alpha held last December it was obvious that the beta for The Division would be starting up soon and sure enough we now have the announcement.

The Division multiplayer beta test will begin on January 28th for the Xbox One with the PC & PS4 platforms following on January 29th. The beta will conclude on January 31st but until then you will be able to experience Manhattan's Chelsea Pier and the early story-driven missions as you establish your first foothold in New York.